The Center for Engagement and Inclusion is staffed by full-time professionals, graduate assistants, and student program assistants. The Center offers a space for students to study, hang out, and socialize, and is open for reservation by student organizations. In addition, we offer the following resources for students:

  • Mentorship and Campus Referrals
  • Leadership Development and Employment Opportunities
  • Multicultural Student Council
  • Student Organization Advising
  • Computers for Student Use

Core Initiatives

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Celebrating Diversity

Opportunities to engage students to better understand and appreciate diversity and social justice.

Cultural Months

Various programs recognizing the diversity awareness months below.

  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: LGBTQ+ History Month and Filipino American Heritage Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • December: Universal Human Rights Month
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women's History Month
  • April/May: Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American Heritage Month

Social Justice Education and Leadership Development

Opportunities to develop students as culturally competent leaders and empower them to promote inclusion at Marquette.

Justice in Action Conference: An annual conference focused on advocacy skill development and education on social justice issues.

Student Support and Community Circles

Opportunities to support students from historically underrepresented and marginalized commmunities to strengthen their connection with each other and to the Marquette community.

  • Café Con Leche: Support for Spanish-Speaking Latinx and Hispanic Community
  • Dreamers Discussion Group: Support for DREAMers and Undocumented students
  • Latinas Unidas: Support for Latinx and Hispanic Women
  • Black Queens: Also known as Malkia Circle, support for Black Women
  • Brother to Brother: Also known as Men to Men, for Men of Color
  • Talk Story: Support for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Community

Campus Collaborations

Intentional collaborations with campus partners to support students as they engage in areas of diversity and social justice.

Note: This is not a comprehensive listing of all campus collaborations.

  • MLK Days of Engagement: This initiative organized in collaboration with the Center for Community Service is aimed at connecting students to the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. through passive programming, active community service in the Milwaukee community, and other interactive activities on campus.
  • Soup with Substance: This collaboration with the Center for Peacemaking and Campus Ministry features weekly noon-time presentations on an issue related to social justice over a simple meal of soup and bread.


Opportunities to support and advocate for the needs and experiences of students to promote an inclusive campus climate.

Functional Areas

The Center for Engagement and Inclusion supports the following functional areas and programs:

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Cultural Programming

  • History and Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Black Student Welcome: Akwaaba
  • Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Dia De Los Muertos
  • Black Male Appreciation (Fall)
  • Lunar New Year
  • Black Women Rock (Spring)
  • Leadership and Brotherhood Summit
  • BlockQuette
  • Unity Graduation

First Generation College Students

The Center for Engagement and Inclusion celebrated its first National First Gen Day in 2019 on November 7. To learn more about the events of the day and the ways in which the Division supports students who identify as first, please visit the Division of Student Affairs First Generation Students website.

Multicultural Student Council

The mission of the Multicultural Student Council (MSC) is to unite the multicultural student body by providing a space that encourages event collaborations across intersecting identities. This council aims to create a sense of belonging within multicultural students by providing them with the resources needed to effect change within their communities. Below are the goals MSC aims to accomplish:

  • MSC aims to bridge the gap between faculty, staff, and students by creating a safe space for students to directly express their problems and concerns.
  • MSC aims to facilitate action based social justice initiatives within the Marquette community.
  • MSC aims to unite cultural student organizations through programming collaborations and community building.
  • MSC aims to support the personal and professional development of student leaders.
  • MSC aims to promote social awareness and the importance of understanding and embracing differences.


RISE, Ready to Inspire Success and Excellence, is a unique orientation for multicultural and underrepresented students.

Undocumented Students

As a Catholic, Jesuit school, Marquette University stands with our undocumented students and is committed to providing accurate information and resources for current and prospective undocumented students, their families, and allies.

In alignment with these efforts, the Center for Engagement and Inclusion serves as a support to the DREAMer Support Committee and serves as a connection the the DREAMers group.

See additional information regarding Undocumented Student Resources.