E-Lead is a three-year, curricular leadership development program for undergraduate engineers. Students apply to the program their sophomore year. Upon acceptance, the student cohorts focus on a different theme in each year, helping them build and strengthen their personal leadership skills while also impacting the Marquette community and beyond.

  • Year 1: Leading Oneself: Leaders are self-aware, authentic, and have developed the professional and leadership skills necessary to effectively lead with others.

  • Year 2: Leading With Others: Leaders motivate, empower, listen to and collaborate with others to solve problems and create change.

  • Year 3: Leading Technology and Innovation: Leaders create innovative change because they have an entrepreneurial mindset and understand how to strategically approach an existing problem

Throughout the program, all E-Lead students will have a variety of experiences that contribute to the above themes and prepare students to lead themselves, others and technology and innovation:

Engineering leadership courses

E-Lead students develop their leadership knowledge, skills, values and behaviors through the following classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities: 

Seminar Courses
GEEN 2961: Foundations of Leadership in Individual Development (1 cr.)
GEEN 3961: Leading With Others (1 cr.)
GEEN 4961: Leading Technology and Innovation (1 cr.)

Experiential Courses
GEEN 3990: Professional Engineering Leadership Experience (1 cr.)
GEEN 3959: Explorations in Engineering Leadership Practice (1 cr.)
GEEN 4961: E-Lead Capstone (3 cr.)

For more information visit the Marquette Bulletin.

Week-long, intensive leadership development opportunity

The E-Lead Program partners with the College of Business Administration and Diederich College of Communication to host the Institute, a six-day program provided by LeaderShape, Inc.

The Institute challenges participants to lead with integrity while working towards a vision grounded in their deepest values. As well as having the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participants praise the Institute as a time of great introspection. 

The program content of the Institute reflects key leadership concepts of vision, partnerships, integrity and results. Students grow in their confidence and identity as leaders and begin to make a tremendous impact on the Marquette and surrounding community as a result of participating in the Institute. 

 Skill building workshops 

Students in the E-Lead program participate in highly interactive, engaging and energizing day-long workshops each year: 

  • Building resilience (Year 1)
  • Having difficult conversations (Year 2)
  • Fostering innovation through leadership (Year 3)

Industry co-op, internship, research or major service project 

E-Leaders are required to participate in an industry co-op, internship, research or major service project. During these experiences, students make observations and reflect on their experience through the program's leadership themes. Upon completion of the experience, students enroll in GEEN 3990: Professional Engineering Leadership Practice, a one credit experiential leadership course. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their professional experience and integrate lessons learned into their future leadership practice. 

 Leader shadow experience

The Leader Shadow experience is an integral component of the E-Lead program. During GEEN 3959: Explorations in Engineering Leadership Practice, students shadow two influential leaders in an engineering company. By spending "a day in the life" of two industry leaders, students observe different leadership styles, learn various approaches and practices to leaderhsip and enhance their capacity and efficacy as leaders.