First Gen T-shirt designThe First Generation Student Network is designed to be a network of people (students, faculty, and staff) who are willing to serve as resources and allies for first-generation students. First-generation students may contact you as a person in this network for advice, assistance, mentoring or other needs (perhaps just to talk and share experiences). By agreeing to be part of this network, people consent to having their names and emails listed as well as agree to be contacted by students.

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First Generation Faculty and Staff

Name Pronouns email Department Title
Dan Abler
he/Him/His AMU Assistant Director
Dr. Kimo Ah Yun he/him/his Office of the Provost Provost
Lauren Accola She/Her/Hers Office of Disability Services Program Associate
Erik Albinson He/Him/HIs Office of Student Educational Services Director
Matteo Arena  he/him/his College of Business - Department of Finance  Professor of Finance and Director of the Master in Finance
Jack Bartelt he/him/his Disability Services Director; Office of Disability Services
Katie Blank she/her/hers Raynor Memorial Libraries - Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives University/Digital Records Archivist
Tari Blazei She/Her/Hers Office of Finance, College of Business MU Accounting graduate, College of Business adjunct (MBA courses) Senior Associate Vice President - Finance
Amber Young-Brice  she, her, hers College of Nursing Assistant Professor
Dennis Brylow he/him/his Computer Science Department Professor and Chair
Michelle Burton Haggerty Museum of Art Registrar and Collection Manager
Sheena Carey  she/her Communication Studies, Diederich College of Communication  Internship Director/Lecturer
Michelle Kasbohm she/her/hers


Career Services Center Career Counselor
Leah Flack she/her/hers English, Arts and Sciences Professor of English
Sonia Garcia she/her Office of Institutional Research and Assessment Research Analyst
Terrie Garcia, PhD, RN  she/her/hers College of Nursing Project Director, Project BEYOND-2, Nursing Workforce Diversity - Eldercare Enhancement,
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students - Nursing
Melissa Gibson she/her Educational Policy & Leadership Assistant Professor
Sergio González  He/him/his History and Languages, Literatures & Cultures Assistant Professor of Latinx Studies
Heather Hlavka  She/Her/Hers Social and Cultural Sciences, A&S Professor 
Rebecca Imburgia College of Nursing - Pleasant Prairie Campus Clinical Instructor/Participating Faculty
Mary Janz She, Her, Hers Residence Life Executive Director
Christina Johnson Center for Teaching and Learning and Digital Learning Instructional Technologist
Nicholas Jolly Economics Associate Professor
Amanda Keeler she/her Digital Media and Performing Arts Associate Professor of Digital Media; Chair, Digital Media and Performing Arts, Journalism and Media Studies
Katie Koncki School of Dentistry Practice Transitions Coordinator
Van Anh Le she/her/hers Dental school Adjunct Professor
Margo Leone she/her Undergraduate Admissions Assistant Director of Transfer Admission
Milliam Lor Office of International Education (study abroad) Education Abroad Advisor
Jennifer Maney  She, her, hers Center for Teaching and Learning Director
Judy Maloney  she/her/hers Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences Clinical Associate Professor
Tina McNamara she, her College of Education Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising & Student Services
Lori Montezon Office of the Provost Administrative Assistant
Maria Mostek She/Her(s) Career Services Associate Director
Caroline Oas  she, her, hers Office of International Education  Teaching Assistant Professor 
Terence T Ow Business, information technology and systems  Associate Professor
Danille Parker she/her Physical Therapy Professor
Lisa Ploszaj Human Resources Human Resources Generalist
Naomi Pollek she/her/hers/herself Career Services Center Director
Yvonne Printz EOP Academic Advisor
Emily Raclaw she/her Office of Disability Services Director, On Your Marq
Ericka Reed Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) College Division Counselor / Recruiter
Dr. Jen Reid She/Her/Hers AMU Director of AMU and Student Engagement
Scott Reid he/him/his Chemistry/A&S Wehr Professor of Chemistry
Steven Robertson Educational Opportunity Program Associate Director 
Nicholas Rockweit He/Him/His Residence Life Residence Hall Director
Melanie Roepke She/her/hers College of Business Office Assoc in Center for Real Estate 
Jordan Sadi he/him/his College of Nursing Academic Advisor
Reagan Saxe  She/Her/Hers Radiology - Marquette School of Dentistry  
Ron Smith Department of Journalism and Media Studies, College of Communication  Instructor of Practice
James South he, him, his Philosophy Department Professor
Jeffrey Starke he, his, him Opus College of Engineering Executive Director and Assistant Professor of Practice
JohnRae Stowers  She/Her/Hers Educational Opportunity Program Associate Director of Student Support Services 
Amber Strother  she/her/hers Educational Opportunity Program Graduate Research Writing Seminar Instructo
Tracey Sturgal she/her Communication Studies Director - The MIC Speakers Lab
Chris Sundberg Department of Biological Sciences Postdoctoral Research Associate
Laiya Thomas Educational Opportunity Program Executive Director
Rosita Tormala-Nita Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Grants Assistant
Alyssa Truong, PA-C, MMS Physician Assistant Studies, College of Health Sciences  
Dr. Ericka Tucker Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences  Associate Professor 
Yesenia Valle-Gomez sge/her/hers Office of Student Financial Aid Financial Aid Counselor
Courtney Vosmaer she, her, hers Office of Student Development CARE Team Case Manager
A.Jay Wagner  he/him Department of Journalism and Media Studies, College of Communication Assistant Professor | Editor/Project Director, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
Teon Austin


Dental School, Diversity and Inclusion Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Yolanda Webb Physical Therapy - Program in Exercise Science Professional Development Coordinator


First Generation Allies

Name Pronouns email Department Title
Andrew Babb-Fowler (Drew) Upward Bound Pre-College Educational Opportunity Program  (EOP)  Pre-College Academic Counselor 
Lindsay Barbeau she, her, hers Undergraduate Admissions Associate Director
Dr. Pilar Bellver she/her/hers


Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Arts & Sciences  Associate Professor
Jacqueline Black she/her/hers
Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion


Associate Director for Hispanic Initiatives and Diversity & Inclusion Educational Programming
Claire Kirchhoff she/her/ella


Biomedical Sciences Faculty
Tom Branigan      Strategic Communications / College of Communication  Instructor of Practice
Sara Harvey she/her/hers


University Advancement Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Barbara Burja College of Health Sciences | Office of the Dean Undergraduate Records Coordinator
Karisse Callender she/her/hers Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Assistant Professor
Lilly Campbell  she/her/hers English, Arts and Sciences Associate Professor and Director of Foundation Instruction
Margaret Cinto Educational Opportunity Program  Associate Director for Administration, Curriculum and Evaluation
Debbie Contreras-Tadych she/her/hers Counseling Center Psychologist and Diversity Coordinator 
Joya Crear She, Her and Hers Student Affairs Assistant Vice President
Tara Daly She/her/hers Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Associate Professor of Spanish & Co-Director of REIS
Anna Fodor she/her/hers Law School Assistant Dean of Students
Marianne Di Ulio she/her/hers


New Student and Family Programs Director
Nathan Gilkerson  he/him/his pronouns Strategic Communication, Communication Associate Professor
Courtney Hanson she/her/hers Career Services Director
Sara Harvey she/her University Advancement Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Heather Hathaway she/her/hers


College of Arts and Sciences Professor of English and Affiliated Faculty in Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies
Jody Jessup-Anger she/her/hers Educational Policy and Leadership  Professor and Department Chair
Conor Kelly he/him Theology - College of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor
Benedict Kemp he/him/his Office of Student Educational Services Associate Director
Dr. Kirchhoff, Ph.D.  she/her Biomedical Sciences, CHS Clinical Assistant Professor
Laurieann Klockow she/ her/hers Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Instruction
Jen Klump College of Health Sciences Director of Student Success & Recruitment
Stacy Ko Speech Pathology Clinical Assistant Professor
Heather Kohls she Economics Associate Professor
Andrew Kunz he/him/his Physics/College of Arts and Sciences Professor/Associate Dean
Sukanya Lodh Biology department, College of Arts and Sciences Visiting Assistant Professor
Gigi Makky Biomedical Sciences Professor
Kim Norden     Psychology department, Arts and Sciences Adjunct Assistant Professor
Rebecca Nowacek she/her/hers English / Writing Center, College of Arts and Sciences Professor, Department of English | Co-Director, Ott Memorial Writing Center
Taylor Pamperin she/her/hers College of Nursing Graduate Program Advisor
Julia Paulk she/her/hers Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Associate Professor of Spanish 
Catherine Puckering Communication Studies, Diederich College of Communication Adjunct Instructor
Julie Radford she/her/hers College of Nursing Student Success Advising Specialist
Karen Rinehart she/her/hers College of Business Administration Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs
Stephanie Rivera Berruz, Ph.D.  she/her/hers


Philosophy Associate Professor and Co-Director of REIS (Center for Race Ethic and Indigenous Studies)
Liza Strakhov  she/her/hers English Department, College of Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor
John Su he/him Office of the Provost Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Success
Gabriel Velez  he/him/his Educational Policy and Leadership, College of Education  Assistant Professor
Sarah DiStefano she/her/hers


Law School Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Carrie von Bohlen College of Nursing Office Associate
Kate Ward  she/her/hers  Theology, Arts and Sciences Associate Professor
Sarah Piñón she/her/hers


Office of Inclusion and Belonging Director
Zabrian Oglesby Ze/Zir/Zirs or They/Them/Theirs


Office of Inclusion and Belonging Assistant Director for the LGBTQ+ Resource Center
Elizabeth Machado she/her/hers


Career Services Center Career Counselor - Graduate Students
Mark Peterson he/him


Educational Opportunity Program- Student Support Services Counselor/Recruiter
Karlin Webster  she/her/hers Office of International Education Director

First Generation Graduate Students

Name Pronouns email Department Title
Saul Lopez He/His/Him College of Education Graduate Student
Melanie Lorenz she, her History Teaching Assistant