Advisers are faculty or staff who will help you navigate through Marquette. Advisers are assigned to you by the college/school/program in which you are enrolled. If you switch major(s) or college, you will also be assigned a new adviser.

If you enroll as an undecided major, you are still assigned an adviser. This adviser will be versed in all majors and areas of study and can help you identify an academic plan that best suits you. Once you declare your major(s), you will be assigned a faculty adviser in the department of your interest.   

To access information about your adviser(s), you must log in to CheckMarq and access the main Student Center page. For more information on how to find out who your adviser is, visit

Why should you meet with your adviser(s)?

There are many reasons you should meet with your adviser(s). As previously stated, advisers will help you navigate through Marquette. They will provide support and resources so that you can make the most of your Marquette experience. While an important reason for you to meet with your adviser is Marquette’s requirement to have an adviser sign off on your schedule before allowing your registration to be processed, consider the following reasons to meet frequently with your adviser(s):

  • Receive guidance when exploring majors, minors and other areas of study.
  • Plan a balanced academic program that meets your academic and personal goals.
  • Establish your path to meeting graduation requirements for both the general Marquette education and your major(s).
  • Understand academic policies and procedures.
  • Talk about your goals beyond Marquette.
  • Find other resources on campus.
  • Look for scholarships and other forms of aid.
  • Become connected with a professional in your area of study.