For Instructors: Use CheckMarq to Retrieve D2L Grades

Instructors can retrieve midterm and final grades from their D2L gradebook into their CheckMarq grade roster. This option allows instructors to utilize the D2L gradebook throughout the semester while minimizing double data entry in CheckMarq.


In the CheckMarq Faculty Center grade roster, instructors will see a Retrieve D2L Grades button. Pushing the button will connect to D2L in real-time to retrieve grades.

Important Note

By default, the D2L gradebook uses numeric scores. You must apply a Grade Scheme in D2L to translate numeric scores to letter grades. See Best Practices and Considerations below for more details.


A D2L Grade column on the roster displays the grade found for each student in D2L. The grade will be placed in the Roster Grade field where possible. If you have already entered grades in the Roster Grade fields, you will be given the option of retaining them or overwriting them with the grade found in D2L.

D2L Grades into CheckMarq

Best Practices and Considerations

Instructors should keep the following in mind to make the most of the retrieve option.

  • By default, D2L gradebooks use the Percentage Grade Scheme, but CheckMarq requires letter grades. Before CheckMarq can assign grades to rosters, instructors must apply a Grade Scheme for letter grades to their D2L gradebook, which translates percentage scores to letter grades.
    • Grade Schemes for letter grades should match score ranges that are published in the course syllabus.
    • Several pre-built Letter Grade Schemes are available in D2L. D2L allows instructors to use these pre-built Grade Schemes, or to make copies and customize them as needed. (See the “Pre-built Organization [Grade] Schemes in D2L.”)
    • Instructors may also build their own Letter Grade Scheme in D2L from scratch. The Department of Digital Learning offers instructions on Grade Schemes. (Expand the Gradebook Setup section and see Step 4.) You can build a Grade Scheme for each course or build one and re-use it across multiple courses.
    • If a Grade Scheme is not applied to translate percentages to letter grades in D2L, the Retrieve D2L Grades button in CheckMarq will display those percentages in the D2L Grade column, but it will not assign letter grades to the Roster Grade fields. Instructors determine the grading scale for their own courses, and there is no university-wide standard scale. The Grade Scheme in D2L is how each instructor’s numeric scales are translated to the university’s official letter-based grade system.
  • Midterm Grade Rosters
    • For midterm grade rosters, CheckMarq will display a dropdown menu of D2L grade items found in the course’s D2L gradebook. The instructor should select the grade item in this dropdown menu that matches their intended midterm grade item. (If no other grade items are found, then only the course’s final grade will be displayed in the dropdown menu.)
    • Instructors can use the D2L gradebook’s Final grade items at that current point in time as the midterm grade. To do this, select the “Final Grade” option in the drop-down list on CheckMarq and make sure that your D2L Gradebook is configured to “Treat ungraded items as zero.” For each student on the roster, CheckMarq first retrieves the current Final Adjusted Grade. If no Final Adjusted Grade exists for that student, CheckMarq will retrieve the Final Calculated Grade instead.
  • Final Grade Rosters
    • For final grade rosters, for each student on the roster, CheckMarq will first retrieve the Final Adjusted Grade from D2L. If no Final Adjusted Grade exists for that student, CheckMarq will retrieve the Final Calculated Grade instead.
  • Multi-Component Courses
    • Some courses have multiple component sections, such as a lecture, lab and discussion. Only one of these sections is the graded component in CheckMarq. The graded component in CheckMarq contains the grade roster.
    • Each component section has its own D2L course site. It is possible for instructors to use the D2L gradebook for any of them. However, CheckMarq will only retrieve grades from the D2L gradebook of the graded component. It will not retrieve grades from other components.
    • For example, if the lecture section is the graded component, CheckMarq will not retrieve grades from the lab section’s D2L gradebook. Please keep this in mind when setting up your gradebooks in D2L.
  • The D2L Grade will only be placed in a Roster Grade field if CheckMarq considers it a valid grade for that student. (D2L Grade value matches a value accepted by the Grading Basis.) For example, you may need to manually assign grades for students in a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading basis. A message is displayed if any grades require manual input.
  • The process will not override existing Official Grades, such as a W grade assigned to a withdrawn student.
  • The Retrieve D2L Grades button will not automatically save any Roster Grades. Instructors must press the Save button.
  • The Retrieve D2L Grades button will not automatically approve any "Not Reviewed" rosters. Instructors must set the Approval Status for the roster.
  • A “Last Date of Attendance” will need to be entered for grades per Office of the Registrar guidance whether these grades are retrieved from D2L or entered directly into CheckMarq.

It remains the instructor’s responsibility to verify Roster Grades for each student and manually adjust Roster Grades for each student as required. When satisfied, save the grade roster. Change the grade roster’s Approval Status from Not Reviewed to Approved and save.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I push the Retrieve D2L Grades button more than once?

Yes. The Retrieve D2L Grades button will connect to the corresponding D2L gradebook with each button press.

Does this functionality work for course sites that have been combined in D2L?

Yes. This process works for combined D2L course sites. Note that these courses are still separate in CheckMarq, with their own separate grade rosters. The button to Retrieve D2L Grades should be pressed from each CheckMarq grade roster.

Need More Help?

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