Faculty Guide to CheckMarq

CheckMarq is an integrated system designed for advisors, faculty, staff and students. The username and password given to you by Information Technology Services — contact at (414) 288-7799 or techsquad@marquette.edu — provides you with the appropriate access to securely access advisee information. After you log in to CheckMarq, click or tap Faculty Center. 

Faculty Center

The Faculty Center provides a concise view of your teaching schedule, exam schedule, class and grade rosters. 

Class Rosters

To view your class roster, click or tap the class roster icon next to the class on your teaching schedule.

The names of enrolled students appear in alphabetical order, along with their MUID numbers, colleges, intended majors and levels as of the start of the term. You may click or tap a student's name to directly email that particular student. Or, you may check the Notify boxes to the left of the ID numbers on the roster, followed by the Notify Selected Students button at the bottom of the class roster to email selected students. Lastly, you may click or tap the Notify All Student button to email all students in your class.

Administrative Withdrawals

To administratively withdraw a student for non-attendance or excessive absences, use the form titled Form-Course Swap/Withdrawal in the left-hand menu of your CheckMarq account.  You are encouraged to check with your college records office on submission of the form since there may be specific college-based procedures to follow.

Please note that graduate students who are functioning as class instructors will need to contact their college office to access this form since it is not available to them via CheckMarq. 

See the bulletin for additional information on UW, WA, and WF administrative withdrawal grades.

Grade Rosters

To enter mid-term or final grades, click or tap the grade roster icon next to the class on your teaching schedule. Mid-term and final grade rosters are created at least one week prior to the grading deadline for each session.

To enter grades

  • Select the appropriate roster in the Grade Roster Type box.
  • Select Not Reviewed in the Approval Status box.. 
  • Enter a grade for each student using the drop down menu.
  • Click or tap the Save button.
  • Select Approved in the Approval Status box. 
  • Click or tap the Save button again.

Note: When you assign a grade of F, I, WF, U, UNC or NC you will be prompted to enter a last date of attendance for the student after you click or tap the Save button. A blank box for "Last Date of Attendance" will automatically appear on the far right for the respective student(s). Enter the last date the student attended class, turned in an assignment, accessed D2L or was otherwise involved in class; include the final exam date if applicable. After you enter the last date(s) of attendance, click or tap the Save button again, select Approved in the Approval Status box again, and click or tap the Save button a final time. This is important for federal audit and financial aid purposes. F grade is assigned when the student completes the class, but has failed to learn the required content. WF grade is assigned when the student stops attending before the final exam or the last week of classes if no final exam is given.

After you save the grade roster in Approved status, the Office of the Registrar will post the grades. After the final grades are posted, the Official Grade column will become populated. Then students can view their grades via the CheckMarq Student Home from the Grades & Transcripts tile.

If it becomes necessary to change a grade:

  • and grades have not been posted (e.g. the Official Grade column is empty), you may return the Approval Status to Not Reviewed, change the grade, click or tap the Save button, select Approved, and click or tap the Save button again.
    • Midterm Grade Changes:  This can always be done for Midterm grade rosters since those remain in Approved Status and are not posted.
  • and grades have been posted (e.g. the Official Grade column is populated), you must submit an online grade change using the 'Request Grade Change' link located on the grade roster.

Online Final Grade Changes

For Midterm Grade Changes, see instructions for changing an unposted grade.

  • Navigate to the Faculty Center.
  • Select the term and the grade roster icon for the class that requires the grade change.
  • The grade roster is in approved and posted status.
  • Click or tap the Request Grade Change link.
  • Click or tap Change Grade.
  • On the grade change request page, enter the grade change reason and the new grade from the drop downs. Click or tap the Submit button to send the grade change request to the dean/designee.
  • When the grade change request has been submitted faculty will get a message confirmation: Grade Change Request submitted to Dean for Approval. 
  • The grade change status column on the grade roster will indicate either submitted (if the request is approved), or denied (if the request is denied).
  • If the grade change request is denied, the dean/designee will record a reason for the denial and this will display in the confirmation email the faculty receives.

Advisor Center

The Advisor Center provides a concise view of information pertaining to your advisees, including their class schedules, grades, majors/minors and test/transfer credits.

To view a list of your advisees, check My Advisees in the Advisor Center. The advisees will appear in alphabetical order. You may view photos by using the 'Include Photos in List' button.

You may click or tap a student's name to directly email that particular student. Or, you may check the Notify boxes to the left of the ID numbers on the list, followed by the Notify Selected Advisees button at the bottom of the list to email selected advisees. Lastly, you may click or tap the Notify All Advisees button to email all of your advisees at one time.

If you wish to view many of the same pages your advisees see in CheckMarq, click or tap View Student Details to the right of an advisee's name. Alternatively, you may click or tap the Student Center tab near the top of the page. Both options offer the following:

  • My Class Schedule displays a student's current schedule, including primary instructors for each class.
  • Shopping Cart contains classes students select from the current Schedule of Classes. Advisees may wish to discuss their classes with you, or may be waiting for your appointment time before registering for classes in the Shopping Cart.
  • My Planner contains courses students select from the Course Catalog. An advisee may select courses for future planning, and may wish to discuss the courses with you. Students may add courses to their planner via CheckMarq any time.
  • Schedule Planner allows students to create their individual class schedule before registering in CheckMarq.

The "other academic" items listed in the drop down menu allows you to view:

  • Academic Requirements for graduation including the Degree Progress and Graduation Checklist reports (not available for Law, Dental or Graduate Students).
  • Final and Mid Term (if applicable) grades.
  • Unofficial Transcripts.

In addition to the My Advisees and Student Center tabs, several other tabs in the the Advisor Center offer useful information.

  • General Info includes contact information for your advisees, as well as any holds which may prevent registration, release of official transcripts or student affairs sanctions for your advisees.
  • Transfer credit includes advisee transfer courses and test credit data.
  • Academics includes cumulative and term credit hour, grade and grade point average data. Click or tap the term you wish to review on the left, under Term Summary.