Fax an electronic document from your computer

You can e-mail an Office document (Word, Excel, etcetera), a PDF or Tiff attachment with an e-mail.

Enter the fax number in the To: field

A fax is sent from the sender's e-mail address and the sender's user name appears in the From: text box on the fax cover sheet if it has been sent via computer. The fax cover sheet and attachment can be printed when received.

Note: The To: field will not show the name of the recipient if it is sent from a computer at Marquette. The name of the recipient has been included in the body of the e-mail in the example below.


fax received

Scan a paper copy of a document at a Multi-Functional Device (MFD) (Top)

Receive a fax (Top)

Faxes are received by the server and can then be routed to one of the following destinations:

From here the fax can be e-mailed to other recipients.

Contact the IT Services TechSquad if you have questions.


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