To apply for the Aspin Washington Internship Program, please fill out the application below. Everyone should upload their current resume and short interest essay. If you are not a Marquette student, please include a college transcript as well.

  1. Resume, which should include the following:
    - educational background (including high school and other universities attended)
    - relevant work experience
    - extracurricular activities, honors, and awards
    - any additional skills such as level of foreign language competency
  2. 250- to 500-word essay on why you would like to participate in the Aspin Washington Internship Program and what you seek to get out of the program. Be specific about any professional development, skills growth, and/or learning opportunities that you seek from this study-away experience. The essay may be submitted, along with your resume, to potential internship offices for review.
  3. College transcript (for non-Marquette students only)

Please note: after the Les Aspin Center staff has conducted a preliminary review of candidates, selected candidates may be asked to submit references.

NOTE: If you aren't ready to apply yet but just want more information about the program, please complete the Aspin/Kleczka interest survey here: Aspin/Kleczka Internship Program Interest Survey. We'll be in touch with you!