ComMUnity Clinic

The ComMUnity Physical Therapy Clinic is a student-operated physical therapy initiative housed within the Marquette Physical Therapy Clinic and overseen by the faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy at Marquette University. We provide physical therapy services to medically uninsured individuals of Milwaukee by incorporating licensed physical therapists and physical therapy students in a collaborative educational model. These collaborations enable FREE physical therapy services to individuals in need while facilitating student development and hands-on experience; therefore, each patient will be seen by a treatment team consisting of a maximum of four doctorate of physical therapy students and a licensed physical therapist.

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Please contact one of our student directors at (414) 288-2121 or by email at

Summary of 2023:

  • Total number of units billed: 1,339
  • Total amount of services provided: $45,165.41
  • Top three diagnoses: shouler pain, knee pain, CNS insult (varied) 

Summary of 2022:

  • Total number of patient visits: 315 visits
  • Total number of hours volunteered by SPTs: 1,300
  • Total number of units billed: 1,083
  • Total amount of services provided: $36,254.91
  • Top three diagnoses: shoulder pain, knee pain, CNS insult (varied)

Demand for pro bono services:

According to the U.S. Census and American Community Survey, as of 2019 the uninsured population in Milwaukee County is 7.4% (69,026) and in the City of Milwaukee is 10.4% (59,310). In Milwaukee County, 67% of the uninsured population are employed. The City of Milwaukee has the highest uninsured rates in the state of Wisconsin making Marquette's clinic an excellent location to provide pro bono physical therapy services.