The Marquette University Physical Therapy Clinic is located in Milwaukee, Wis. We are in Cramer Hall of the Schroeder-Cramer Complex on the Marquette University campus at 604 North 16th Street. We are located on the second floor, room 215, and share a reception area with the Exercise Science Department. Maintaining close proximity to affiliated academic programs allows us the access needed to equipment and resources within the academic structure of Marquette. We are able to offer more variable, advanced and creative care by partnering for equipment and space within an academic institution.

Marquette Physical Therapy Clinic

  • Our clinic offers a variety of exercise equipment and advanced technology.
    • AlterG treadmill for reduced loading during recovery from injury
    • Noraxon instrumental treadmill for biomechanical analysis of walking and running gait
    • Blood flow restriction technology to speed up recovery from injury
    • Trigger point dry needling to address both acute and chronic muscle issues
  • We also offer a private treatment room for the times you don't want to share. For our therapists who take a more manual approach to treatment, we have tables with adjustable heights for your ease of access and comfort.
  • Our full-service clinic offers the tools necessary for your rehabilitation to be successful. We look forward to giving you a tour on your first visit!