Keith - 5 star Google review (August 2022) 

"What can I say other than I am so happy that I found this place! I had been dealing with a frozen shoulder for about 9 months when I came to see Brent Bode. Because the diagnosis took about 6 months, I had been recommended to see two other physical therapists. While I won’t say the experience with them was bad, it was pale in comparison to the knowledge and strategy from Brent to get my shoulder in working order. I highly recommend this place for anyone that needs therapy. The clinic blends the expertise of its clinicians with talented field students creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits the patients. I observed the other clinicians as professional and helpful, even though I didn’t directly work with them. Brent used a variety of methods to help my shoulder and over the course of the three months of therapy, my shoulder was better than I thought it would ever be and I’ve regained full motion. Being that my condition is not too common, I am so happy to finally have found a place that was able to handle it and I am confident it can meet all types of therapy needs. Do yourself a favor and use this place is you ever require physical therapy."

Cheryl - 5 star Google review (May 2022)

"I really appreciated the staff at Marquette. They were very pleasant to be around, compassionate, and friendly. I worked with Jeff and then Albojay. They both encouraged me to work hard, challenge myself, yet listened carefully to my feedback, adjusting exercises as necessary. They took into consideration what tools I had access to outside of the clinic, and worked around that so I could keep doing what I needed to do with what I had. The exercise app was super helpful too. They did a great job of listening to my end-goals and indeed got me back to where I wanted to be. Bonus, was even being downtown, they offered free parking in a lot across the street. Patty was great to find me spots on their busy schedules as well. I would recommend this crew in a heartbeat. THANK YOU MU for seeing me through, both mentally and physically!!"

Alyssa - 5 star Google review (August 2022)

"Albojay was awesome. He was a great listener, found the root of my problem, gave me an individualized exercise program and taught me how to manage my symptoms independently. He not only got me back to my baseline without neck pain, but was also caring enough to address my chronic shoulder pain that I thought would never improve. His examination and manual therapy skills are superb. I highly recommend this clinic for PT because it is a positive and fun environment with friendly therapists who use evidence-based interventions in a 1-on-1 setting to get you feeling and moving better."