Natalee (March 2020)

"I saw Brent Bode for knee pain which then turned into plantar fasciitis after I made an attempt at running after a two year break (I was riding the bike instead at the gym due to pain). He addressed my acute pain, which seemed to change multiple times over the course of seeing him. Brent not only improved my mobility and decreased the pain I was experiencing, but I am now back to running. I am truly impressed with the staff at Marquette University Physical Therapy."

Alex (November 2020)

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Albojay Deacon for my PT. My experience was excellent - great communication, positive attitude, clear explanations of what he was doing and how my work at-home would help the process. I highly recommend both the PT clinic and Dr. Deacon. Thank you!"

Kimberly (January 2020)

"I am tremendously grateful for my experience at the Marquette PT Clinic. As someone who has had back pains and aches for years, I was convinced there was no solution for me. I thought back pain was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. After a rocky start to training for my second half marathon, I knew I needed to do something to address my "old woman back." I submitted an inquiry to the PT Clinic (after much hesitation on my end and convincing from several friends and family members) and after my first hour with Albojay knew I found the right fit. Albojay not only helped me move from being in immense pain 24/7 to not even thinking about my back, but also helped me understand how to correct so many basic movements and exercises I had been doing wrong for nearly my entire life. I felt immediate relief, mentally and physically. I now feel more confident and comfortable in the exercises Albojay gave me to work on. While I hope there won't be any future, major back or other pains in my life, I 1) now know how to take better care of my body and 2) know that the PT Clinic is here to help me!"

Drew (May 2019)

"All of the staff is extremely friendly and personable. Susana helped alleviate my pain and gave me a thorough home exercise program once our sessions had concluded."

Jake (May 2019)

"I went into the Marquette Clinic after dealing with some leg pain for about 1 1/2 months. I currently do not have insurance and was excited that they offered a quick 15 minute injury evaluation for free. The Clinic Director, Jeff, worked with me and was very friendly and helpful. He explained what was going on, gave me advice, and I left with a few exercises that I could work on at home. My visit was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend the clinic to anyone who is in pain. They really know their stuff!"

Risha (May 2019)

"I have seen Susana Arciga for 2 separate types of physical therapy now in the last year: issues arising from long term TMJ and also, a rotator cuff injury that included problems with my hips and knees, from a fall.

When I arrived each time for my first visit, I was broken and in extreme pain. Over time, what Susana worked on with me helped me to achieve improvements that are remarkable. She learned about me and we discussed what I would be able to do at home to help my healing. She never asked anything that was unreasonable and gave me proper tools to help with healing. I feel "normal" again, and am able to achieve all my goals that I had when I began treatment. Susana is an excellent therapist and compassionate person. I could not be happier with the outcome of my treatment, and have recommended her to many friends and family."