Marie Sekeres Papanek Scholarship Fund

Dr. Paula Papanek's mother, Marie Sekeres Papanek, passed away January 30th, 2007. Marie's heart and soul were filled with love. She was an avid reader of science, led a lifetime dedicated to learning and she loved the physical therapy profession, often being the cheerleader for other patients in the clinic to succeed.  She was a volunteer patient in Dr. Simoneau's orthopedic labs!

 In her mother's memory, Dr. Papanek started an award to encourage students to pursue geriatric physical therapy practice and research that benefits the aging population.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship support two post B.S. students at Marquette University. This award is presented annually in two equal monetary awards to students in the Department of Physical Therapy. One award will be given to a professional DPT student, and the other award will be given to a graduate student conducting research in geriatrics/aging in the department. The recipients will be in their last year of their programs, having demonstrated a commitment to excellence in geriatric/aging research or geriatric clinical practice. In the event that there are not two eligible recipients in a given year, the entire award amount can be given to one student. Awards shall be made by the Office of Student Financial Aid after consultation with the Department of Physical Therapy.

To make a contribution to the Marie Sekeres Papanek fund, contact Kathleen Ludington at (414) 288-1410 or