DPT Prerequisites*

(completed in years 1-3 or prior to transfer admission)

Course Credits  
Biology 3 cr  
Chemistry I and II each with lab 8 cr  
Introduction to Physical Therapy and Medical Terminology** 1 cr  
Physics I and II each with lab 8 cr  
Statistics 3 cr  
Abnormal or Developmental Psychology 3 cr  
Anatomy and Physiology 5 cr (3 cr of each is typical)  
  31 cr ***

*All prerequisite courses not taken at Marquette must be completed at a 4 year institution. Credits earned at a community, technical or extension institution are not acceptable.

**Waived for accepted transfer students who will need to document proficiency in medical terminology in lieu of this course. Completion of a programmed text and passing a written departmental test in medical terminology will be done in addition to fourth year coursework to meet the medical terminology requirement.

***A course in motor learning and control is strongly recommended to all students.

Non-Marquette students and graduates must have had 12 semester credits of social sciences and humanities in addition to the above prerequisites.

In the final three years of the program (the professional phase), direct admit under-graduate students complete their bachelor's degree, the DPT course work, and clinical experience. Transfer students with degrees follow the 3 year, 2 summer professional DPT curriculum.

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