• A principal investigator (PI) or project director who is responsible for the project's success and who understands and supports the administrative requirements of the award
  • A well-developed proposal with specific and thoughtful objectives and work plan
  • A thorough, accurate, fiscally sound, and well-administered budget
  • The support of the proposer’s chair, dean, or administrative home
  • Outcomes that advance the University’s mission: the search for truth, the discovery and sharing of knowledge, the fostering of personal and professional excellence, the promotion of a life of faith, and the development of leadership expressed in service to others

ORSP values

Advocacy and Collaboration: We are knowledgeable about Marquette and committed to our campus and community partners, other institutions and external sponsors.  We readily collaborate with other offices on campus to advance Marquette's mission. We value and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and collaboration with external partners.

Direct, Open, and Honest Communication: We provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible concerning all aspects of sponsored research from pre- through post-award. We work with the campus community to build relationships of trust, respect, and support.

Faculty and Other Members of the Marquette Community: Our work helps the campus community promote their professional development and advance their scholarly, educational, and service goals.

Fiscal Responsibility: We operate our office in a fiscally responsible manner. We promote fiscal responsibility in the projects with which we work.

Learning and Professional Development: We pursue training and professional development opportunities to ensure that we are knowledgeable, up-to-date, and effective. We learn from one another, we learn from others, and we learn by doing.

Professionalism and Integrity: The process by which we achieve results is as important as the results that we achieve. We treat one another and the people with whom we interact with respect.

Teaching and Coaching: We help others understand the materials, policies, and practices that underwrite excellence in their sponsored projects. We model best practices for others. We are patient and we listen. We help investigators become knowledgeable grant-seekers, applicants, and project managers.

Teamwork: Every project requires the care and attention of several of us. We work together to meet the needs of the project teams.

How we express these values through service

  • Serve as the central point of contact for sponsors.
  • Serve as a source of current information about University and sponsor regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Monitor sponsor announcements and disseminates grant opportunities to prospective stakeholders on campus.
  • Provide current information about sponsors and their requirements.
  • Conduct funding searches and matches project ideas with sponsor interests.
  • Periodically visits with faculty members in their offices to discuss their project interests and needs.
  • Help prospective applicants develop their project ideas.
  • Help faculty members initiate pre-proposal contact with potential sponsors.
  • Serve as liaison for faculty members wishing to work with outside partners and assists with the development of appropriate partnership agreements.
  • Offer presentations, workshops, training, and brown bag sessions for faculty to learn more about sponsored research topics and to network with one another.
  • Help obtain model proposals from funded projects and helps faculty create model proposals for their own future reference and that of their colleagues.
  • Help applicants interpret and comply with sponsor guidelines and requirements and provides responsive proposal outlines.
  • Help applicants assemble compliant application packages.
  • Provide technical assistance for sponsors requiring electronic submission.
  • Help develop and narrate budgets based upon scope of work and sponsor guidelines.
  • Help faculty members secure internal and external cost share when required by sponsors.
  • Provide objective commentary on proposals and offers clear suggestions for improvement as needed.
  • Assist faculty in meeting the reporting requirements of sponsors.
  • Assist with the identification, protection, and licensing of intellectual property.
  • Help project directors manage their grant accounts through close-out.
  • Help faculty members revise and resubmit applications as needed.
  • Provide institutional reports of applications and awards.