A project lifecycle is primarily comprised of three phases: Preaward, Award, Postaward

Pre-Award Phase

The beginning of the process that includes the PI defining the project, identifying potential funding sources, drafting the proposal, and processing it through Kuali for review and approval, and submission.

Additionally, our Roles and Responsibilities Matrix can help further explain the components of preparing and submitting a grant proposal.



                      Project Idea          --->      Finding Funding       --->      Developing a Proposal         --->        Submitting a Proposal



Award Phase

The award phase is when the funding agency sends the official award notification and the grant becomes legally binding. Prior to fully executing the award all necessary compliance approvals must be finalized. Then the award is processed through Marquette's financial system and an account number is generated.

Post Award Phase

This final phase contains the implementation of the grant program, along with all the reporting, audits, and closeout processes.