All external grant proposals must be registered in Kuali, Marquette's grants management system.


If you haven't already done so, contact Project Planning and Development (PPD) to talk about your proposal submission plans.  A member of PPD will work with Grants Administration (GA) and to create your Project Development Team. When you contact PPD, let them know:

    • The funding opportunity you're targeting and it's deadline
    • If your project will include any outside collaborators or organizations
    • If you would like any writing assistance

Either you (or PPD, if preferred) will start the proposal in Kuali:

    1. Open Kuali. Enter Project Information (Title, dates, etc.).  Note: most of this information can be updated later, if needed.  If the sponsor is not in the drop-down list, use SPONSOR_PLACEHOLDER, and let your PPD contact know who the correct sponsor is. 
    2. Add yourself to the proposal as the Principal Investigator (PI).  This can be done under the PERSONNEL tab.
      • When searching for yourself, only search by last name – no other fields should be populated.
    3. Complete the below PI tasks.
      • Within the proposal:
        • Proposal Certification - under PERSONNEL, KEY PERSONNEL
        • Credit Splits - under PERSONNEL, KEY PERSONNEL
        • Questionnaire(s) 
      • Outside the proposal, in your Kuali dashboard (homepage)
        • Conflict of Interest

Completing your Kuali proposal:

     4. No less than 3 weeks prior to deadline:

      • Send a summary of your proposal (concept, personnel, subs/collaborators, etc.) to PPD, and indicate if you'd like writing assistance (this service is a first come, first served basis)
      • Confim participation/contact information for collaborators, if applicable

     5. No less than 2 weeks prior to deadline:

      • send draft of budget to Project Development Team 

     6.  No less than 3 business days prior to deadline:

      • Finalize budget with Project Development Team
      • Send PPD near-final drafts of all required documents
      • For NIH only - Send PPD your Final  PHS Assignment Request Form and Final Human Subjects forms, as applicable
      • Make sure that all PI and Co-I tasks are completed in Kuali

     7.  PPD will put the Kuali proposal into routing for internal reviews for approval.

      • Approvals are needed from the supervisors (Chair, Dean, etc.) of all Key Personnel invovled in the project.
      • The PI will need to approve as well.
      • Any final versions of the documents not listed above can be uploaded to replace the drafts.

     8.  After ALL approvals have been completed, and the PI has received notification from Kuali that it has been officially approved, the proposal can be submitted to sponsor.


While all proposals MUST be registrered in Kuali and approved prior to submission, the above outlines the ideal timeline for submission.  ORSP will work with you on your submission needs and any alternative timelines needed.