MUEngage for Community Partners

MUEngage (hosted GivePulse) is Marquette’s new volunteer and impact management software. For nonprofits, MUEngage is a one-stop solution for listing, scheduling, tracking, and engaging volunteers in a seamless process.

By signing up for MUEngage with Marquette, your nonprofit has a streamlined process for recruiting a pool of eager student volunteers.


How can I utilize MUEngage as a Community Partner?

  • Immediate connection to Marquette students
  • Simplified recruiting of Marquette student volunteers
  • Ability to post volunteer opportunities
  • Ability to verify service hours of students
  • Ability to track student impact
  • Ability to share impacts between Marquette and your organization
  • Streamlined process for tracking Service-Learning hours


I have an MUEngage Account, now what?

  • Update Profile
  • Add Users
  • Create Events/Opportunities
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Edit Group to update items on each tab, including address, description, logo, causes, who you serve, social media, and more.

Update User Information

Will other agency staff be helping with your volunteer opportunities/events?

If yes, add them as User!

With a free GivePulse account, only 1 admin user is allowed. To maintain a free account level, add users as Event Managers or Check-In Attendants

What are the different roles?

  • Administrator (Admin): Has complete control of the group. Is able to oversee all administrative capabilities, from granting users the roles outlined here and modifying the settings of the group, adding new users and impacts, creating new events etc.,
  • Primary Administrator (Admin): Has all the capabilities of an administrator and is the contact listed on a group's home pages. There can only be one primary administrator for each group.  
  • Events Manager: Has access to oversee all event management abilities. This enables the event manager to create, duplicate, communicate and do everything the admin can do but only for the event(s). 
  • Event Administrator (Admin): Has access to oversee event management abilities of a particular event. They can duplicate, communicate and edit event settings/details.
  • Check-in Attendant: Has the ability to only check-in or sign-in people for events.
  • Shift Organizer/Leader: Is a role defined by you have administrative rights to a specific shift in an event. Most likely this can mean you are the main point of contact or just admin of the shift.
  • User: People that can login and join groups, attend events, etc. A simple User does not have access to any administrative tools. 

How to add user

By being a partner with Marquette, your events will be on our page for MU community members to find and get engaged with you!

You can post a variety of events, from one-day volunteer opportunities to long-term service opportunities. Students will be able to sign-up and express interest in your opportunities directly. You then have the ability to verify their hours as they serve with you with the data being shared between you and Marquette.

Event update

Do I have to pay to use MUEngage?
No! There is no need to spend any money upgrading in order to work with Marquette! Through your partnership with MU, you get access to the basic free system.


Can I upgrade my account?

Yes! If you like the platform and do not have another volunteer/event management type system, some options are available. Go to for more information.


Need Help with muengage?