Students and Non-Marquette Employees

Students and non-Marquette employees are not mandatory reporters of sexual misconduct at the university. However, if a student, faculty or staff member tells you they are a victim of sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to report it. It is important to provide that person with support and encourage the person to seek out the on and off- campus resources. You can report to:

Tips for Responding to a Report of Sexual Misconduct:

  • Believe what the person is telling you.
    • It takes a lot of courage for someone to share what has happened, and they trust you to help.
  • Listen, but don’t press for details.
    • Asking for details can result in the victim feeling blamed. Let them decide how much to share and when.
    • What to say:
      • “I believe you.”
      • “It’s not your fault.”
      • “I am sorry this happened.”
      • “No one deserves to be hurt like that.”
      • “I want to help. Can I call Advocacy Services for you?”
  • Offer support.
    • Due to the sensitive nature of sexual misconduct, recognize that he or she might be struggling with painful feelings such as anger, fear, denial, or embarrassment.
    • Give assurance that campus resources are available to help. Encourage them to take advantage of the resources available.
    • Seeking assistance from any resource must always be the survivor’s choice and you must respect the person’s decision.
    • A university victim advocate can be reached at (414) 288-5244. The advocates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The advocates can provide support and information about campus and community resources.
  • Respect privacy.
    • It is important not to share information about the assault with others who are not involved, with the exception of the Title IX coordinator, MUPD or a victim advocate if you are a mandated reporter.


Reporting Options

For more information, visit FAQs of mandatory reporting and maintaining a harassment-free educational environment in the classroom.