Bilingual English-Spanish Specialization Admission and Application

Admission Requirements

Candidates for the Bilingual English-Spanish (BIES) specialization must be accepted to the master’s degree program in speech-language pathology first. Once accepted to the M.S. program, applicants that marked interest in pursuing a BIES specialization on their application are then reviewed separately for admission to the BIES program.

Admission is based on review of academic potential and evidence of Spanish proficiency.

A Spanish major is not required for admission.

Application Requirements

To apply for the BIES specialization program, applicants are required to:

  • Apply to M.S. program using CSDCAS. Additional instructions/FAQ.
  • Answer BIES specific questions included on M.S. application through CSDCAS.

It is recommended for non-native Spanish speakers to submit proficiency results on the M.S. application. Proficiency in Spanish is established through an oral proficiency interview (OPI) through, licensed by ACTFL.  If you would like to demonstrate oral proficiency on your M.S. application, you may choose to take the ACTFL OPI before applying to the M.S. program per the following instructions: