Your Roadmap to Success

Table of contents



1. Orientation and your first two weeks of classes

   You’re here — let’s explore! 

  • Attend your first floor meeting during orientation if you live in a residence hall. 
  • Locate your classrooms and map out the quickest route to get to each class. 


2. Your first semester begins

   Let’s go! 

  • Complete the financial aid to-do list in CheckMarq. 
  • Feeling homesick? Consider Marquette Counseling Center or Campus Ministry resources. 
  • Have a paper or project due soon? Get help from the library or writing center. 
  • Participate in the first community night with your roommate and fellow floormates. 
  • Attend the community standards meeting on your residence hall floor. 
  • Join the Community Programming Council. 


3. Midterms / advising weeks

   Time flies — you’re halfway through your first semester! 


4. The final weeks of Semester 1 and beyond 

   The homestretch!