Get Involved in Prevention

There are many ways to get involved with alcohol programming on Marquette's campus. Stop by AMU 121 if you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, or contact us for more information.

Student Conduct Board

The Student Conduct Board (SCB) and its members are responsible for supporting the Office of Student Development and assisting the SCB and its advisors in the implementation of the University’s response to behavior that violates the Student Code of Conduct. The unique advantage of a student conduct board lies in the opportunity for student board members to influence the attitudes and subsequent behavior of their peers through a formally constituted conduct mechanism. The success of a student conduct board is contingent upon the dedication of its members to maintaining a nurturing academic environment while affording individual students maximum personal freedom within institutional guidelines. During this experience, board members will support the University’s commitment to redirecting student behavior and protecting the rights of the community. Selection to be a SCB Member is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. 

For more information contact Dave Stockton, Director of Student Conduct (414) 288-1412. 

Bystander Intervention Team

The Bystander Intervention program was fashioned in the spirit of Cura Personalis, or “care for the entire person.” The members of the Bystander Intervention Team help to teach Marquette students a curriculum that targets campus issues such as: alcohol and other drugs, personal safety, harassment, hazing, and sexual violence. This program empowers and mobilizes participants to recognize, intervene, prevent, and/or stop inappropriate comments, actions, and behaviors. 

If you are interested in learning more about Bystander Intervention Team please follow this bystander intervention link.

Late Night Marquette

Late Night Marquette actively promotes a vibrant campus culture by collaborating with members of the university and Milwaukee communities to provide fun, innovative, inexpensive, and alcohol free programming to students. A diverse group of students and student organizations are key participants in the planning and implementation process, which provides valuable leadership and learning experiences. 

For more information take a look at the Late Night Marquette website.