Pursuant to the University Policies and Procedures: UPP 1-18: Policy on Marquette University Sponsored International Travel, faculty and staff traveling internationally must adhere to the following guidelines.

Faculty and Staff Traveling Internationally

All faculty and staff traveling internationally for the purposes of research, teaching, conferences, service, recruiting, site visits or other objectives under the auspices of Marquette must complete the MU Faculty and Staff Travel Registration. This is not to be used for purely personal travel or vacations. However, if you will be traveling abroad for personal reasons and are taking a computer or other equipment, materials, software or data abroad, you must complete the Export Control Exemption Certification on the Export Controls and Compliance page.

The information you provide on the MU Faculty and Staff Travel Registration will be used to assist you and/or contact you in the event of an emergency.

  • Dean/VP Review: Upon submission of your travel registration, email notification will be sent to your Dean or Vice-President seeking final approval of your travel.
  • OIE Review: On behalf of the Provost, the Office of International Education will review for risk, as well as the general safety and security of the destination country based on governmental and non-governmental recommendations and advisories.  If necessary, further consultation will be made with the Office of General Counsel. When a significant risk is present in the travel destination(s), OIE will share all travel alerts and safety cautions with you and provide a recommendation on whether to proceed with travel.
  • Fly America Act: If travel will be funded by a U.S. federal grant, please be sure to follow Fly America rules. Contact postaward@marquette.edu with any questions.
  • Export Controls: If you will be taking a computer or other equipment, materials, software or data abroad, you must refer to and comply with all Export Control regulations.  See the export controls and compliance website for more information.

Review the detailed guide on how to utilize the online travel registration system.


Emergency Procedures for Marquette Faculty and Staff

While traveling abroad under the auspices of Marquette University as a Marquette faculty or staff member, you have access to the following emergency medical assistance and insurance programs.

Should an emergency or need for assistance arise while you are abroad, please follow the steps below:

1. Seek medical attention where necessary. For recommendations on local medical service providers and/or assistance with a medical concern, you may find information through the following:

International SOS is an emergency medical and security assistance program, which provides Marquette University employees and students with comprehensive emergency protection. International SOS also closely works with our medical insurance provider, Chubb, to coordinate medical insurance benefits if needed.

Marquette's comprehensive plan with International SOS and Chubb is available to Marquette faculty and staff at no additional charge. Faculty and staff have access to this program automatically upon submission to OIE of the required overseas travel documentation.

International SOS should be used as:

  • primary contact for any security incidents
  • primary contact for any faculty and staff needing medical assistance or services

SOS services include:

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Access to travel health information
  • Emergency & routine medical advice with a 24-hour physician
  • Translations and interpreters
  • Access to International SOS Clinics
  • Travel security information
  • Security evacuation assistance
  • Assistance with lost or stolen documents
  • Worldwide medical referrals
  • Coordination of emergency-travel arrangements
  • Emergency-cash advances

To access any SOS International services:

  • Before your trip: Log onto the International SOS website and type in your Marquette member (sent to your MU email with final approval of travel registration). From the home page, you will be able to print your membership card. Additionally, this website provides a wealth of resources including hospital addresses, practical traveler information on banking and currency conversions, as well as cultural tips.
  • In the event of an emergency: Call the Philadelphia Center
    (Toll free) 1-215-942-8226

    If medical care is needed, SOS can issue a guarantee of payment to the local medical care facility and you will not incur any out-of pocket costs.

2. Notify Marquette University

Office of International Education
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Holthusen Hall, 4th Floor
(414) 288-7289

Marquette Police Department
After-hours emergencies
Parking Structure 1
(414) 288-1911
Public Safety will assist you with your concern and, where necessary, will contact the Marquette Office of International Education's on-call emergency coordinator via cell phone.

3. File claim. Contact Marquette University's Director of Risk Management, Matthew Paulus (matthew.paulus@marquette.edu), who will assist you with filing a claim through Marquette's Workers Compensation policy. Please keep all receipts for medical expenses incurred whether you pay for these out of pocket or whether a guarantee of payment is made on your behalf by SOS International and submit these to ORM when filing your claim.