Scholarship Recipients Highlight

Diana Mandujano, Fall 2019 Gilman Scholarship Recipient

diana mandujano

How did you hear about the Gilman?

I heard about Gilman through a friend who also studied abroad in South Korea and received Gilman a couple of years back. She encouraged me to apply because we were going to the same program. I also heard about Gilman through my mentor/program coordinator from the Urban Scholars Program at Marquette.

How was the application process for you?

I actually applied for a similar study abroad scholarship before Gilman, Fund for Education Abroad, back in January which made the process easier because I was able to use some of the same essay questions and additional materials. From January to March, when Gilman was due, I would look back through my essays and make edits. I also had others read through it to make sure it flowed and answered the questions.

What will you be using the funds for? In other words, how will the funds affect you positively?

With the money I received from Gilman, I am paying for room and board, alien registration card and textbooks.

What is your service project, and how will it be implemented?

My proposed project to promote the Gilman Scholarship and international education consists of presenting study abroad to first-year college students involved in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee Graduation Plus Department. My presentation will consist of four parts: exploring study abroad programs, my application process, financial aid and scholarships and my experience abroad.

What would be your advice to other students thinking of studying abroad or apply to the Gilman?

I definitely recommend starting your essays early! Take a glance at the topic and start brainstorming because this isn’t an essay you can do the night or week before. Draft the essays, read through them, let them sit and have someone do the same until you feel confident about it. Studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can have during your undergrad because you get to live in another country, experience a new culture, make friends and learn about different perspectives. If you want to study abroad but aren’t sure if your major will allow you, talk to someone in OIE early!