E-Commerce (Coupa)

Marquette University utilizes Coupa as our spend management solution- MARQetplace. MARQetplace was implemented in February, 2019 and is the purchase-to-pay system by which all business is performed between external partners and Marquette University.

What this means for you:  Marquette will leverage the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) to enable direct interaction between your organization and Marquette. We expect our preferred suppliers will receive orders and submit invoices via CSP for more efficient order and invoice processing.

The Coupa Supplier Portal will enable your organization to have a direct connection into Marquette University and conduct the following business activities:

  • Retrieve/manage Marquette orders – an email to your orders inbox will alert you of content in the portal that requires action
  • Submit invoices directly into Marquette Accounts Payable through automation
  • View invoice and payment status
  • Manage/edit critical supplier information
  • Provide order acknowledgements and advanced shipping notification

A smaller number of preferred suppliers will conduct business via cXML integration and lastly, some suppliers will receive a Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) where they receive their emailed order, acknowledge the order and create the invoice (flip the order) from the email notification. If your organization is capable of cXML functionality, please share that with Marquette for future integration (as cXML is the preferred method).

Portal and CSP information

Marquette is excited to leverage Coupa to provide a more integrated and efficient method of doing business together. The ability to provide improved communication back to your customer, view your invoice status, maintain accurate supplier demographic information and leverage Coupa for increased sales is an exciting opportunity for our supplier community and we have provided the following links to help you navigate the process: