Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mailing address?

Purchasing Department - 313 Building, Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee WI 53201-1881

Where do we send invoices?

See information about MARQetplace.

What is the most effective way of contacting the Purchasing Department?

We strive to respond to all supplier inquiries as we believe it is important to maintain positive relationships with our potential future business partners. You can email or call us at (414) 288-7453. Any extension will be able to assist you. The Purchasing Department requires appointments be made in advance. If you decide to drop in unannounced, we do not promise you will be able to see any staff members.

Does Marquette University allow open bidding on projects?

No, we do not publicly post our bid documents.

Does Marquette have supplier contracts? How does the university determine when a product or service is available for bid?

The Purchasing Department strives to provide contracted suppliers for the main supply and service categories for the university. These agreements range in term based on the type of product or service, but the norm is probably three years (with renewal options).

What does Marquette University value and how can my company align ourselves to be successful on campus?

The university measures potential suppliers in a number of areas. It is very difficult to list all of the areas and they vary by product and service category, but some of the consistent items include:

  • Quality, service and cost
  • Diversity supplier status
  • Support of university initiatives
  • Marquette fit, how does this supplier support the overall mission of the university?

Who do we contact if we have an outstanding invoice?

The Accounts Payable Department handles all supplier payment inquiries. Call (414) 288-5123.