How to Do Business with Marquette University

New Supplier Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Marquette University. In order to better review and document interested supplier inquiries, we request you complete the supplier registration process through the supplier portal. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt and we will follow up if there is a more immediate need for additional information. If we don’t have a project relating to your good or service, we will archive your information after review. Thank you for helping us serve our campus and supplier community more effectively.

New Suppliers: Register via Portal

Purchasing Process Overview

The university values existing and potential business relationships and as such, takes great care when inviting a potential supplier to bid or be added to our approved supplier list. The following steps represent the primary method by which the university evaluates companies as potential suppliers and provides direction for future interaction with the university.

  • All inquiries should be directed to the Purchasing Department who will facilitate introductions, when appropriate.
  • If there is interest in further evaluation of your services, we will exchange information and determine if there is a business need.
  • Upon award of a project or general use, the supplier will receive an email invitation to complete the Coupa Supplier Portal online form, including contact information, banking ACH information, tax status, as well as review and sign the appropriate terms and conditions form. See Supplier Resources and Forms.
  • A pricing agreement, contract, purchase order or other business arrangement will be completed.

Supplier Evaluation Strategy

The university is always interested in maximizing the value we receive from our supplier partners. The normal course of business includes measuring potential suppliers in a consistent manner across a number of different criteria, including:

  • Quality of service or product
  • Availability and matching our delivery requirements
  • Strategic partnership and support, including student intern opportunities, athletic sponsorship, scholarship funding and other affinity building activities.
  • Sustainability criteria that promote social and environmental responsibility
  • Value/Cost of the product or service
  • Accessible Technology at Marquette
  • Customer service, reporting and business management
  • Supplier Diversity and workforce inclusion
  • Supplier conduct including management of sub-contractor relationships, organizational safety and health programs, and providing a living wage and benefit package to employeesSupport of our payment terms
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • W-9 Tax Information Form

Marquette Terms and Conditions

Marquette’s Construction Terms and Conditions will apply to any purchase order, as well as any combination of purchase orders issued to a single contractor for one project, that have an original contract amount of $25,000 or more and that include work, labor, or services that improve the value of the real property of Marquette University. Materials ordered by and delivered to Marquette, without any accompanying installation services by the contractor, will not be subject to the Construction Terms and Conditions.

Marquette’s Services Terms and Conditions will apply to any purchase order, as well as any combination of purchase orders issued to a supplier who is providing services to Marquette University, such as speakers (bands), general consulting (companies, not individuals), hotels, meeting services, equipment rental, creative and design services and general personal services.

Virtual Pay

Marquette University recently launched an accounts payable solution to pay our suppliers with automated Visa card payments, called Virtual Pay. Our goal is to optimize our commercial card program to improve process efficiency and working capital management, as well as reduce the cost of processing check transactions.

 As a key supplier of Marquette University, we would like to begin paying you using Visa Commercial Card instead of by check or other payment methods.

 Specific benefits you may experience when you accept payment by Visa Commercial Card: 

  • Standard payment terms of Net 15 for Visa Card acceptors*
  • Reduced paperwork and streamlined accounts receivables process
  • Real-time notifications for each card payment
  • Complete remittance detail to support efficient receivables posting
  • Decrease risk associated with ACH and check payments
  • No changes or modifications to your existing card acceptance procedures
  • *If current terms are shorter than Net 15 your current terms will remain

This is an important initiative for Marquette University and to support this change we are updating our payment terms for check and ACH. Unless current contracting prevents, suppliers who choose to stay on ACH or check will remain or be moved to Net 45. Additionally, Marquette University will not accept or approve any additional charges to offset processing fees; your firm will receive payment more quickly and receive improved cash flow.

Mailing Address and Contact Information


Marquette University - 313 Building
Purchasing Department
313 N. 13th St., Suite 201
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone:  (414) 288-7453

Mailing Address

Marquette University - 313 Building
Purchasing Department
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881


Purchasing Staff

Rob Goetsch

Director of Purchasing
(414) 288-7362


Amani Zouabi

Purchasing Agent 
(414) 288-7359


Roberta Sigel

Supplier Database Assistant  OR

Craig Meyer

Assistant Director
(414) 288-7364


Jane Kondracki

(414) 288-5634