Bridge to Business

Sponsored by Rexnord Corporation

Todd Adams
president and CEO, Rexnord

“We see great value in an engineering program that provides a solid technical background supplemented with broader business knowledge."

Marquette University is offering the Bridge to Business for Engineers program, a six-day non-credit program that gives early career engineers the business fundamentals they need to be successful.

The program curriculum was designed by Marquette University’s College of Business Administration in collaboration with the Opus College of Engineering and corporate partners in southeastern Wisconsin, including: ABB, Badger Meter, Briggs & Stratton, Direct Supply, HUSCO International, Kohler Company, Johnson Controls, Modine Corporation and Rexnord, Rockwell Automation and We Energies.

The curriculum focuses on the key touchpoints between engineers and other functions within the organization.  Participants will experience a mix of classroom and applied learning opportunities that will provide the knowledge and skills to be effective in their functional role and across the enterprise.

Bridge to Business is made possible through a generous corporate gift from Rexnord Corporation.

August 2020 Program (six days)

Begins August 11, 2020
Please email if you are interested in the August 2020 program.

Fee: $3,750.00  Organizations sending two participants are eligible to send a third participant for free

Who should attend

The program is specifically designed for early career engineers from all engineering disciplines.  The target audience includes engineers who recently graduated and have completed co-op or internship experiences as well as those with up to 5 years’ experience working in their field.

Program objectives

  • Increase understanding of the various aspects of a business enterprise
  • Provide tools to effectively deliver engineering expertise cross-functionally across the organization
  • Develop skills for communication, decision making and team leadership
  • Lay the foundation for a path to become a high potential leader

Key program modules

  • Supply chain management: inventory, logistics management, sourcing & supplier evaluation, managing buyer/supplier relationships
  • Accounting: financial statements, key ratios & analysis, costing, performance measurement, budgeting
  • Finance: time value of money, project evaluation
  • Marketing: marketing channels, sales, pricing, voice of the customer
  • Teamwork: leadership, team behavior and communication styles
  • Leadership skills: conflict, negotiation, decision-making, working in a multi-generational workforce
  • Ethical issues
  • Intellectual property and innovation
  • Presentation skills

Achieved through

  • Classroom instruction delivered by Marquette faculty experts
  • Interaction with industry executives
  • An integrated curriculum that addresses the synergies between technical and business responsibilities
  • An applied approach that provides transfer of learning directly to the workplace