Current Projects 

  • Development of ecosystem map for citywide needs assessment and identification of gaps and opportunities for synergy
  • Focus group work with students at and across various institutions of higher learning on experiences of Milwaukee as Black and Latino/a students
  • Supporting initiatives and programming, such as Milwaukee Succeeds’ Design Your Future summer fellowship

Support & Services Ecosystem Map for Milwaukee Black and Latino/a Students

One of the most important tools is the ecosystem map using KUMU software. KUMU allows us to visually represent the actors and partnerships that exist between the number of non-profits, government entities, for-profit organizations, grassroots organizations and coalitions that exist in Milwaukee. Our objective is to create a usable tool to understand the resources for Black and Latino/a students, and to highlight the nature of connections that unite the number of organizations in the city. We believe that this visual representation of quantitative and qualitative data we have been collecting will help us better understand MKE as an ecosystem and serve as a community resource once it is publicly disseminated.


Ecosystem Mapping

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Yearly State of the Ecosystem Report

View the 2021 Ecosystem Report