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Diversity Supplier Program

As a Catholic, Jesuit and urban university, it is Marquette’s responsibility to provide an environment in which our students become not only better students, but also better people.  Inherent in the education of our students is a commitment to the community in which we and they live.  One important element of this commitment is Marquette’s Vendor Diversity Initiative. 

The Supplier Diversity Initiative provides an opportunity for consistency and continuity between:

  • The educational experience of our students, which helps them connect their classroom learning with service to a world in need.

  • The day-to-day economic choices of the University.

  • The mission and identity of Marquette, which calls us, whenever possible, to use our resources and influence to affect the social good. 

The obvious economic inequities among various groups within our city and the potential of the University to be an agent of change compel us to make informed and conscientious choices in our purchasing.  Marquette University is therefore dually committed to stewarding its assets well and assisting emerging businesses, particularly those that draw women and ethnic minorities into the economic life of the community. 

Marquette University has outlined some specific goals that relate to direct and second tier business and have outlined them below:

Marquette University Internal Expectations

The following activities and expectations will assist us in accomplishing sustained economic development in the community.

  • Increase direct and tier 2 spend by 5% on an annual basis.

  • Track tier 2 spend for supplier with activity >$250,000.

  • Obtain at least one diversity supplier bid for all contracts and services when qualified supplier(s) exist.

  • Accumulate diversity supplier lists to reference in suppliers searches and in the hopes of pre-qualifying suppliers.

If you have had a successful diversity supplier relationship we invite you to complete the following form. We will then create a reference listing here for your future use. Diversity Supplier Recommendation Form

  • Track and report on MU diversity supplier activity

Marquette University Supplier and Contractor Expectations

  • Supplier will report spend on a regular basis, at least annually, but potentially on a quarterly basis.

  • All contractors will seek and foster minority services for participation in construction programs utilizing the following guidelines.

  • Where a project, or portions thereof, involves work for which qualified minority contractors exist, one or more bids shall be obtained from minority concerns.  Extra effort in the form of counsel and technical assistance will be provided the minority concern(s) to assure an understanding of the scope and quality of the work required and the bid procedures to be followed.

  • Mentoring Program-All suppliers and contractors will strive to develop emerging business opportunities to increase the competition in the market place, to increase their involvement with the training of potential future sub-contractors and to ensure the Milwaukee minority community has future success in their business operations and is able to establish a more stable economic base for themselves.

Emerging Business Statement

Marquette University believes it is important to support the establishment, preservation and strengthening of emerging businesses, defined as businesses owned by women or minorities.  We seek opportunities to involve such emerging businesses in the university's purchasing process, and we also encourage our contractors and suppliers to provide for their participation through meaningful partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts and other contractual opportunities. 

Like any business decision, the selection of a supplier or contractor must make sense financially, but it is not solely a financial decision.  Just as in any given case we consider not just price but value, so we must also consider how the choice we make reflects our institutional values.  When multiple bids or proposals are received or when multiple vendors offer a good or service, and when the goods or services provided by more than one supplier are substantially similar in: 

  • conformity with specifications or need;

  • quality; and

  • cost

*Also, if one or more of the suppliers is an emerging supplier, the university shall prefer the good or service provided by an emerging supplier

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