Advancing an inclusive innovation community

WIN plans, co-sponsors and promotes a variety of events that encourage inclusive innovation in strategic alignment with the vision of Ithe Institute for Women's Leadership (IWL). One of the unique features of this network is the vertical and horizontal integration to create institutional change. WIN is able to:

Engage women and underrepresented groups by cultivating multigenerational connections. WIN accomplishes this by facilitating mentoring relationships and delivering leadership programming that reaches pre-college youth, university students, Marquette faculty and staff, and external stakeholders including alumni, corporations, nonprofits and community associations.

Inspire women by incorporating successful representatives from underrepresented populations into programming to be motivational role models.

Transform the culture of Marquette and beyond by serving as an incubator for innovative leadership initiatives that challenge the barriers to the advancement of women and underrepresented groups. WIN also proactively works to identify inequities across institutional structures to make recommendations and facilitate change.

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