Advancing an inclusive innovation community

Marquette University was a pioneer among Catholic universities world-wide when it admitted women to study alongside men in its undergraduate programs over a century ago. While over half of the undergraduate students today are women, at the faculty level, women comprise just over one-third of the regular (tenured and tenure-track) faculty.

As the university increasingly focuses on innovation, it is critical that we engage and draw from all of our talent. Various metrics for women’s participation in innovation and entrepreneurial activities indicate female faculty, students, and staff are participating in innovation activities and opportunities at a lower rate compared to men. At this critical junction, Marquette University clearly needs to develop novel ways to build an innovation culture among women in all parts of the university community.

The Marquette University Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) answers this call by creating a comprehensive network designed to support the advancement of women, people of color, first generation college students, the LGTBQ community and others currently under-represented in innovation and entrepreneurship.

WIN plans, co-sponsors and promotes a variety of events that encourage inclusive innovation. One of the unique features of this network is the vertical and horizontal integration to create institutional change. The network links students, faculty, and staff on campus. It also extends beyond the university boundaries to connect with professional organizations, alumni and the community.

What would you like to see out of WIN? Share your thoughts and sign-up.