Happy Women's History Month!

To kick off Women's History Month IWL shares downloadable Teams backgrounds so you can celebrate and promote Women's History Month with every call! Click below to download.

IWL Hamsa yellow Background    IWL GRTW Background

IWL Active Women Background    IWL Inspiring Women Background

IWL WHM Blue-Purple Background    IWL WHM Blue and Gold Background

Not sure how to implement them in Teams or Zoom?  Check out Marquette's information page for background filters Teams or Zoom's Help Center.


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IWL Pay Equity - Spring 2021 Speaker Series Announced

IWL's Pay Equity Series will feature scholars whose background equips them to educate on the variety of issues that are at play within discussions on pay equity. Three sessions will cover different topics on pay equity.

IWL Pay Equity Series

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Mission and Vision 

The mission of the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Marquette University is to advance women’s leadership locally and globally through pioneering research, innovative programming, and collaborative engagement.

Our vision is one of intersectional inclusivity and gender equity. As advocates for justice, we will engage, inspire, and transform students, staff, faculty, and community leaders as we:

  • Create an interdisciplinary and vibrant research environment that equitably and inclusively supports faculty and students as they engage in impactful, transformative scholarship.
  • Serve as an incubator for innovative leadership initiatives that challenge the barriers to the advancement of women, while embracing intersectionality, as we seek to reduce inequities across institutional structures.
  • Cultivate community connections through mentoring and leadership programming that reaches down to high school students, out to university students and faculty, and up to external stakeholders including corporations, nonprofits, and community associations.      
  • Current Events

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