Guided By Mission, Inspired To Change

Marquette University's strategic plan for 2031

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In 2031, Marquette University will celebrate 150 years of serving God by delivering our students a transformative education rooted in our Catholic, Jesuit tradition. Heading into this milestone, we remain committed to our mission, vision and guiding values. Building upon this strong foundation and our collective strengths in teaching, research and innovation, we will continue to adapt and evolve. Through our mission and our devotion to human dignity and diversity, we are called to educate our students and conduct our research in ways that are just and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the world.

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The landscape of higher education is shifting, and many institutions are facing new economic and social pressures. Marquette’s path for success amid these challenges will be formed by our mission, and we will be guided by the wisdom of our lived experience. To address the world’s most pressing problems requires Marquette to develop and support ethical, visionary leaders who work for justice and inspire others to work toward a hope-filled future. By remaining committed to our mission, vision and values, we will endure these challenges and thrive because of them. 

True to our Jesuit heritage, we affirm the tremendous value of an education grounded in the liberal arts — that is our commitment to forming thoughtful leaders with the knowledge and passion needed to transform the world. We likewise celebrate the depth and breadth of our undergraduate, graduate and professional academic programs, which are built on a centuries-old Jesuit tradition of educational excellence and led by exceptional faculty and staff who have a deep sense of mission and a resolute commitment to student well-being. 

Over the next seven years, we will advance our strategic priorities, positioning us to flourish as we seek to be one of the most innovative and accomplished Catholic and Jesuit universities in the world. Rooted in our Catholic faith and spirit of innovation, this aspirational, actionable plan reflects Marquette’s commitment to forming students capable of responding to the needs of a diverse, dynamic world. We will encourage students to discern how they are called in their personal and professional lives to work on behalf of reconciliation and justice. 



  • Thriving Students

Marquette will be the nationally recognized leader in the integration of student wellness, transformation and success.

With students at the heart of all we do at Marquette, their success and well-being are a shared responsibility of all faculty and staff. It is our privilege to provide our undergraduate, graduate and professional students with a transformative education and supportive co-curricular experience rooted in our Catholic and Jesuit mission — all of which challenges and equips them to Be The Difference. We will accomplish this, in part, by fostering opportunities for students to understand how being formed by Marquette’s Catholic and Jesuit mission is an invitation to work toward the common good of humankind. Through this, we will serve the Jesuit Universal Apostolic Preference of accompanying young people in the creation of a hope-filled future.


  • Healthy Campus

Marquette will identify as thriving in its culture of belongingness, care for the whole person (cura personalis) and be adaptable to ensure the health of the institution (cura apostolica).

For Marquette to deliver on its mission to serve God through the delivery of a transformative Catholic and Jesuit education, its campus environment must be one that supports its faculty and staff, promotes the value of a Marquette education, and ensures the effective and empowering delivery of our mission. 

Our plan is deeply rooted in the Jesuit tenets of cura personalis (care for the whole person) and cura apostolica (care for the work of the institution) — each in service to our mission. We will be a community that embraces our mission, works collaboratively around a set of shared values and believes in the human dignity of every employee. We will foster a supportive, inclusive and engaging culture dedicated to learning and growth, where faculty and staff are empowered to reach their full potential. 

Within this environment, Marquette faculty and staff will feel seen, heard, valued and inspired to contribute to the transformation of our students, as well as the greater good of the university. Delivering on our mission requires establishing a culture that can work collaboratively, consider resources in new ways and move intentionally to adapt to challenges.


  • Care for the World

Marquette will focus its talent to address the world’s challenges as identified in the Society of Jesus’ Universal Apostolic Preferences through our faith inspired service and by growing our cutting-edge research in partnership with the Milwaukee community and beyond.

As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Marquette has a unique duty to the world around us. At Marquette, the adage Ad majorem Dei gloriam, “For the greater glory of God,” is more than a motto. It underpins the Jesuits’ relentless drive toward improvement — their work inspires others to seek a better world not for our glory but for God’s. Marquette faculty and staff share a responsibility to promote justice and act as servant leaders through teaching, research and outreach. This, in turn, provides our students with the foundational knowledge and skills to thrive as agents of positive change. 

Marquette is committed to remaining a research university that embraces the teacher-scholar model and is known for excellence in research and innovation. We will emphasize mission-focused, partnership-based research that includes opportunities for students, leverages faculty strengths and enhances society in positive ways. We strive to create a vibrant, growing and sustainable research environment that utilizes the diverse talents of our community of scholars and that attracts collaborators who share our commitment to engaging in research and scholarship that addresses the emerging challenges of an ever-changing world.