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Dr. Dmitri  Babikov Dr. Dmitri Babikov Professor, Pfletschinger-Habermann Distinguished Chair, Theoretical/Computational, Quantum Dynamics (414) 288-3538
Dr. Joseph R. Clark Dr. Joseph R. Clark Assistant Professor, Transition Metal Catalysis and Organic Synthesis (414) 288-7859
Dr. Adam  Fiedler Dr. Adam Fiedler Chair and Professor, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Spectroscopy (414) 288-7191
Dr. James R. Gardinier Dr. James R. Gardinier Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry (414) 288-3533
Dr. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp Dr. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp Vice President, Research and Innovation (414) 288-1532
Dr. Jier  Huang Dr. Jier Huang Dr. Jier Huang has recently moved to Boston College., Please see her new group website.
Dr. Eric  Huseman Dr. Eric Huseman Assistant Professor, Organic Synthesis and Carbohydrate Chemistry (414) 288-7374
Dr. Ofer  Kedem Dr. Ofer Kedem Assistant Professor, Functional and Dynamic Nanomaterials (414) 288-0701
Dr. Scott A. Reid Dr. Scott A. Reid Professor, Laser Spectroscopy, Gas and Condensed Phase Dynamics (414) 288-7565
Dr. Nicholas  Reiter Dr. Nicholas Reiter Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, RNA-Protein Interactions (414) 288-5701
Dr. Qadir  Timerghazin Dr. Qadir Timerghazin Associate Professor, Theoretical Physical Chemistry (414) 288-5779
Dr. Dian  Wang Dr. Dian Wang Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry, Catalysis (414) 288-2076
Dr. Chae S. Yi Dr. Chae S. Yi Professor, Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis (414) 288-3536

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