Chemistry Faculty Directory

Dr. Dmitri  Babikov Dr. Dmitri Babikov Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-3538
Dr. Joseph R. Clark Dr. Joseph R. Clark Assistant Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-7859
Dr. Christopher  Dockendorff Dr. Christopher Dockendorff Assistant Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-1617
Dr. Adam  Fiedler Dr. Adam Fiedler Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-7191
Dr. James R. Gardinier Dr. James R. Gardinier Associate Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-3533
Dr. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp Dr. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp Vice President, Research and Innovation (414) 288-1532
Dr. Jier  Huang Dr. Jier Huang Associate Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-3537
Dr. Ofer  Kedem Dr. Ofer Kedem Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Dr. James R. Kincaid Dr. James R. Kincaid Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-3539
Dr. Scott A. Reid Dr. Scott A. Reid Chair and Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-7565
Dr. Nicholas  Reiter Dr. Nicholas Reiter Assistant Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-5701
Dr. Michael D. Ryan Dr. Michael D. Ryan Professor Emeritus, Chemistry (414) 288-1625
Dr. Qadir  Timerghazin Dr. Qadir Timerghazin Associate Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-5779
Dr. Chieu D. Tran Dr. Chieu D. Tran Professor Emeritus, Chemistry (414) 288-5428
Dr. Dian  Wang Dr. Dian Wang Assistant Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-2076
Dr. Chae S. Yi Dr. Chae S. Yi Professor, Chemistry (414) 288-3536

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Department of Chemistry

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