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Civic Dialogues Director

Amber Wichowsky bio

Amber Wichowsky, Professor, Chair of the Department of Political Science

Prof. Wichowsky is the co-author of the award-winning book, The Economic Other: Inequality in the American Political Imagination. Her research and teaching expertise include American politics, political behavior and psychology, public policy, and civic engagement. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University’s Center for the Study of American Politics.  



Program Coordinator

Jobey Clarke

Having been with Marquette's International Affairs Program these past five years, Jobey Clarke now adds a second role as the Program Coordinator for Civic Dialogues.  Bringing logistical support, marketing, an alumni network and a background in facilitation to the table, she is eager to see Marquette students dive into the nuance of issues, find common ground and reestablish the standard for both civic and civil dialogue missing in public discourse today.  Jobey holds a master's in Higher Education Administration and a Bachelor's in International Affairs.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Lea Peters

Lea Peters is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Writing-Intensive English and Family Studies at Marquette University, planning to graduate in May 2024. She currently works as an undergraduate research assistant for the Marquette Civic Dialogues Program. Lea also participates as an undergraduate research assistant in the Mental Health Services psychology research lab on campus.



Photo of Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Criminology and Law Studies. As a member of the Pre-Law Scholars Program, she plans on graduating in 2026. Jasleen is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant for the Marquette Civic Dialogues Program and volunteers with the Marquette Law School’s Pro-Bono Legal Clinic. She is continually engaged in the Marquette community through her roles as Public Relations representative for Marquette University Bhangra Academy’s dance team and Chair of Marquette’s College Democrats. 



Photo of Alyssa Maves

Alyssa Maves

Alyssa Maves is currently pursuing a major in Political Science as well as a minor in Spanish at Marquette University with plans to graduate in 2027. She is a part of the Pre-Law Scholars Program and Marquette Mentors; she also spends time volunteering with the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic. Alyssa recently began as an undergraduate research assistant for the Marquette Civic Dialogue program and is eager to enhance civic engagement on campus.




Student Facilitators

Ana Cardenas Manrique, Facilitator

Ana Cardenas Manrique is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Peace Studies with minors in Criminology and Law Studies as well as Law and Society at Marquette University, planning to graduate in May 2024. She currently works as a student facilitator for the Marquette Civic Dialogue program. She joined the team because is passionate about getting students to engage in difficult, productive, and respectful conversations on campus, especially those that expand students' beliefs and push them out of their comfort zones. 


Sean Ogrosky, Facilitator

Sean Ogrosky is an English major with a minor in philosophy graduating in '27, currently working as a student facilitator for the Marquette Civic Dialogues Program. "I joined Civic Dialogues because of an appreciation for open discourse on some of the most tense issues. Through my time here I have loved being in a gathering of people from all backgrounds to calmly talk about their struggles and come to inclusive conclusions."










Rosie Stone, Facilitator

Rosie Stone is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Political Science and is planning on graduating in May 2026. She is currently working with Marquette Civics Dialogue as a student facilitator. Rosie joined the Civic Dialogue team because she thinks it is important and necessary to encourage constructive and diverse dialogue in our current political climate to understand each other. Rosie also works as a program assistant at the Center for Peacemaking and is a Midnight Run Coordinator on campus. 







Hannah Gerwing, Facilitator

Hannah Gerwing is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  "I joined Civic Dialogues as a facilitator because I value fostering a safe and open environment where people can have discussions and learn from each other about what is occurring in society.  It is important to me to find common ground through engaging in active and genuine listening and discussion.  I was president of The Lead Listening Society and being involved in Civic Dialogues has provided a great experience to serve as a facilitator in group settings and witness how much we can learn from people with various perspectives.  It is evident through the Civic Dialogues Program how growth and collaboration occur to discuss complex topics when we take the time to respectfully listen to what people have to say."


Mari Huglin, Facilitator

Mari is a junior studying International affairs and English literature. "I love stories and bridging gaps between people so that’s why I became a civic dialogue’s facilitator. I enjoy discourse over politics and hope I can become more educated about different viewpoints too. I am very excited to meet so many different people and share some stories."




Bailey Rutherford, Facilitator

Bailey Rutherford is a junior studying criminology and law studies.  "I joined the civic dialogues program because I believe that many problems in this world can be solved through communication and shared understanding. I think the program is extremely important because it teaches the ability to respectfully disagree and hear other perspectives."






Laura Blackburn, Facilitator

Laura Blackburn is pursuing a degree in Political Science while minoring in History and Culture, Health & Illness. She is also a part of Marquette’s Physical Therapy program. Laura decided to join the Civic Dialogue team as a student facilitator because she believes developing skills related to civil conversations is important in establishing productive environments. 







Bella DeRosa, Facilitator

Bella DeRosa is an Honors sophomore pursuing her Bachelors of Arts in both Political Science and Philosophy and minoring in Law and Society. She joined the Civic Dialogues Facilitator Team her freshman year and has enjoyed watching her peers disagree politically, yet still see each other as people working towards the same goal after sharing a meal together. Throughout the Milwaukee area, she also works with Senator Tammy Baldwin, Marquette’s Center for Peacemaking, the Marquette Philosophy Department, Marquette’s EOP Tutoring Program, and is a Resident Assistant. At Marquette, she is on the executive boards for March For Our Lives, Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honors Society, Marquette Optimist Club, Pre-Law Society, and the Panhellenic Council.


Anna Castonia, Facilitator

Anna Castonia is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Marquette University (class lf 2027).  She is a Group Facilitator for Marquette's Civic Dialogues Program.  Anna cares deeply about encouraging open dialogue regarding current events and issues, and she has a strong pas]







Civic Dialogues is supported by an Advisory Council of donors to the program, including Scott Kilrea; CM CARES, the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation; the Ansay family, John C. Miller and others who have committed to help Marquette University be a leader in this area.

Living Our Mission

"Jesuit education is an invitation to venture into those cracks of questions, issues and situations that shape and define life at its most basic and concrete manifestation, locally and globally."

– Rev. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, S.J., President of Jesuit Superiors of Africa and Madagascar, Marquette University, February 11, 2019