Survey Research

Evaluations of Civic Dialogue Dinners

Marquette University Civic Dialogue Dinners

Shifting Perspectives:
90% of survey respondents at our Civic Dialogue Dinners talked about aspects of the issue they hadn't considered before

85% of respondents said the discussion improved their understanding of the issue

Future Discussion Leaders:
64% of survey respondents said they would be interested in leading a future discussion

Tolerance for disagreement:
93% of survey respondents said they felt comfortable contributing to the conversation

Come Again:
98% of survey respondents said they would be somewhat likely or extremely likely to attend another Civic Dialogue Dinner

Overall Experience:
95% of respondents were satisfied with the overall experience of the Civic Dialogue Dinner

Bring a Friend:
95% of attendees said they would be likely to recommend a Civic Dialogue Dinner to a friend