Civic Dialogue

What is Civic Dialogue?

Dialogue involves approaching, listening to, and seeking to understand one another. Our program places "civic" before dialogue, focusing on public problems, political conflict and cooperation, and the collective search for truth and common ground. In civic dialogue, we ask: "What should we do?" (Levine, 2022).

We believe that addressing complex and contentious issues requires meaningful and reflective interactions across a range of perspectives. We seek to create forums that help model these productive interactions, allowing students to develop their intellectual curiosity and civic skills as they inquire about public problems, evaluate possible solutions, and understand different approaches to achieving the common good. 

Civic dialogue is a necessary part of a more inclusive, democratic, and effective approach to problem solving. It can also be a key step toward healing the deep divides that exist today.


Unlike disagreement and conflict, persistent and courageous dialogue does not make headlines, but quietly helps the world to live much better than we imagine.