dataMarq User Guide

Use the links below to learn how to navigate and access reports using dataMarq.  For more information on dataMarq, visit the FAQ page.

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Report Information

Accessing Reports

The dataMarq catalog is a link based catalog that displays information on available reports. To access the reports, either click on the report title or the report description.

Expanded Report Information

The default view for reports in dataMarq is just a short description. To see a full listing of report metadata, click anywhere on the box to expand (see image below).  The expanded info will include all available report information, depending on if it has been provided be the report owner. Possible report metadata is listed below.

Report Info

  • Category: this identified the general category of data represented in the report
  • Report Owner: The department responsible for creating and maintaining the report.
  • Audience: The intended end-users of the report
  • Access Level:  Whether the report is open to everyone or restricted.  If restricted a link is included to the approved users
  • Email Contact: The department contact email for the report
  • Resources:  Any training documents or videos for the report
  • Data Range: The time period of data included in the report
  • Updated: The frequency of when the report data is updated


Report Contacts and User Guides

If available, links will be provided in the expanded information for an email contact and resources to help use the report.  


Searching for Reports

Keyword and Username Search

 At the top of the catalog page are two boxes that allow text input to search for reports.  The option are to search by keyword or username.

Keyword Search: Start typing any keyword into this box and the reports will filter automatically. It will search on partial text so it doesn't need to be a full word. The keyword search will find the appropriate keyword in any text in the full expanded report info (title, description, metadata).

Username Search: Searching by your MU username (i.e. doej) will bring up only the restricted reports that you have access to view. 

 Keyword Image

Report Owner and Audience Filters

Along with the keyword searches, the two primary filters available on the catalog are report owner and audience filters.  Click on any of the items to filter the reports by that item, it will appear highlighted to indicate it has been selected.  Click again on the filter, or on the clear filters button, to clear the filter. NOTE: Only one report owner filter and one audience filter can be set at a time.  


Category Filter


Although not visible in the default view, the category filters will appear as soon as either a Report Owner or Audience filter are selected.  They will appear above the report menu. This is intended to reduce the visual clutter on the page.

Categories are determined by the report owners and meant to help users find specific reports more easily.  Categories are dynamic and may be added and changed as the report owners see fit.



Sorting Reports

Three buttons are available just above the report menu to sort the reports.  By default reports are sorted alphabetically, but they can also be sorted by other characteristics.

Once a non-default sort has been chosen the sort characteristic will appear above the report title in the menu to highlight the sorting criteria (see image below).


Clearing Filters

Always available on the catalog is a button that will clear all filters selected.  This can be used at anytime to return to the default view.