CECP Graduate Student Organization Mentor/ Mentee Program

The Marquette University Department of Education and Counselor Psychology Graduate Student Organization (CECP GSO) provides incoming master and doctoral on campus students with the opportunity to have either a master or doctoral student mentor from within the CECP program. The purpose of the mentorship program is to connect students to share collective insight and wisdom with each other. Mentees will greatly benefit from the advice and experiences of other students and it is yet another great way for students to give back to the department by volunteering as mentors. Please consider joining!

If you are interested, please fill out the mentor (current students) or mentee (incoming students) sign-up form below to join our program.

Mentor/Mentee Match Process

  • Mentors for incoming students will be solicited through summer classes and through a follow up email to all current students. Mentors sign up by filling out the mentor sign-up form below.
  • The CECP GSO Volunteer Coordinator will match mentors to mentees at the end of May and throughout the summer if new students are admitted . All parties will be notified of their match by mid-June.
  • Incoming students will be emailed the CECP GSO Mentor/Mentee process to fill out the mentee sign up form and state preferences for a mentor.

Mentorship Program Details

  1. The mentorship relationship is intended to last for one academic year (June-May) for on campus program students only.
  2. Mentors should contact (email/call) their mentees within one (1) week after the match is complete. Prior to the fall semester starting, communication is likely to be email or phone. However, please make every attempt to schedule an in-person meeting. A meet-and-greet will take place at the beginning of the fall semester (date to be determined and announced).
  3. Mentors and mentees should try to meet in-person or via MS Teams at least 2 times during each semester.
  4. Mentors and mentees should discuss the best ways to communicate with each other (phone, email, Teams, etc.).
  5. An anonymous survey will be sent out midway through the semester and at the end of the year to assess the value and success of the mentor/mentee program.
  6. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Email CECP GSO Volunteer Coordinator, Kathleen (Kate) Melle kate.melle@marquette.edu.

Roles and Responsibilities

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Support and guide. The primary responsibility of the mentor is to foster a supportive, respectful and positive mentoring experience for their mentees. This includes providing advice or guidance, encouragement and support, being a good listener, communicating clearly and being curious about their mentee’s experiences in the program.
  • Be invested. Mentors care about the well-being of their mentees and should strive to do everything reasonably possible to help their mentees navigate graduate school. For this reason, mentors are responsible for initiating the first introductory meeting with their mentee and work with their mentee to establish additional communication methods.

Mentee Responsibilities:

  • The primary responsibility of mentees is to proactively engage with mentors. It is the mentee’s responsibility to drive the content of meetings with their mentor and come ready with questions for their mentors.
  • Be open to new ideas. Mentees will benefit most if they are open and willing to try on new ideas or perspectives. Mentors have a great deal of knowledge/wisdom to share and mentees should make every attempt to be open.
  • Express gratitude. Mentees should be sure to express gratitude for the time and energy their mentor is taking to spend with them. This can be a simple “thank you” from time to time to let your mentor know you appreciate their help and support.

Mentorship Tips:

  • Be respectful. Mentors and mentees should be prompt and respectful of each other’s time and communicate clearly with one another regarding meeting times, cancellations, or other logistical details.
  • Be sensitive and open. It is very important that each person appreciate the differing perspectives, opinions and cultural diversity each person brings to the relationship and be mindful of these differences.
  • Have a positive attitude. Graduate school can be stressful; be sure to take extra precaution to have a positive attitude when working with your mentor/mentee in order to get the most out of the experience.
  • Plan on attending a meet and greet at the beginning of the fall semester (date, time and location to be announced).

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have a preference that you don't want to be matched with a mentee/mentor based on particular aspects that you shared in the form (i.e., your gender identity, race/ethnicity, hometown, etc.) please indicate that at the bottom of the form under "additional notes".

Mentor/ Mentee Sign-up Form

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