Welcome From the Dean

William A. Henk

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Education Website at Marquette University. 

Regardless of your reason for visiting, our hope is that the information will prove to be useful for you. It is intended to provide an initial context for understanding our academic unit before navigating the site.

The history of the College of Education is a long and rich one. For nearly a century, Marquette University has helped prepare professionals to work in various educational and mental health settings.

In the present, our undergraduate programs position students for teaching in elementary, middle, and secondary schools, as well as other education positions in the community, usually with non-profit agencies.

And our graduate programs prepare students for several roles including: counselors who work in schools and other human service organizations, master teachers, school principals and superintendents, private practice counseling psychologists, and higher education faculty and administrators. 

You should know that the faculty, staff, and administration care deeply about our students and are committed to enhancing their professional growth through individual mentoring, personalized attention, and extraordinary service.

Our high-quality academic programs aim to develop consummate human service professionals -- individuals who will "Be the Difference" in their schools, institutions, organizations, and communities. 

Coursework is relevant, comprehensive, rigorous, and stimulating. Instructors seek to balance elements of theory, research, and practice, and they continually challenge students to think and act in critical, committed, inventive, and socially just ways. 

For their part, our students are expected to aspire to personal and professional excellence, the promotion of a life of faith, and leadership expressed in service to others.

Faculty members aspire to be exceptional teachers as well as distinguished scholars who contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. Beyond their teaching and research, College of Education faculty engage in a wide range of service and outreach activities in partnership with our many shareholders in urban, suburban and rural schools and communities, human service and other types of agencies, and professional organizations. Our partnerships represent a very important part of our mission.

We believe that a Marquette education sets our students apart. It is a transformational journey that cultivates positive goals and values which, in turn, shape their professional and personal lives. 

In fact, COED students tend to become lifelong learners who continually reflect and improve upon their practice. And, in keeping with the Jesuit tradition of caring, our alumni devote themselves to the betterment of humankind. The College of Education is proud to note that the vast majority of our graduates are remarkable by any standard, and in that important sense, ARE the difference.

In closing, I invite you to explore our web site and to contact our offices if you would like to learn more about the College of Education.


William A. Henk
William A. Henk
Professor of Education and Dean