Neurophysiology Lab Funding

Funding Year Grant
2008-2011 National Institute of Aging R15 [R15AG30730] “Neuromuscular Fatigue in Old Adults”
2008-2010 Dr. Judith Stitt Women’s Faculty Scholarship: Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation “Sex Differences in the Stress Response and Motor Performance”
2008-2010 Medical College of Wisconsin CTSI core facility for Pilot Funding “Brain Activation During Fatiguing Contractions in Young and Old Adults”
2007-2008 National Institute of Occupational, Safety and Health Pilot Training Grant, University of Illinois Chicago ”Cognitive Stress, Mental Attentiveness and Muscle Fatigue ”
2007-2008 American College of Sports Medicine (Pre Doctoral Award for Erin Griffith) “Mechanisms of task Failure with Aging.
2007 Regular Research Grant and Summer Faculty Fellowship, Marquette University “The influence of cognitive stress on fatiguing contractions”
2007 Way Klingler Young Scholar Award at Marquette University “Brain Activation in Young and Old Adults During Fatiguing Tasks”
2004 - 2006 National Institute of Aging RO3 Award (AG023183)
"Task Dependence of Muscle Fatigue of Young and Older Adults"
2005 Way Klingler Summer Faculty Scholarship Marquette University
2005 Faculty Development Award 
College of Health Sciences, Marquette University
2002-2003 Research Endowment Award
American College of Sports Medicine
"Sex Differences in Muscle Fatigue of Young and Older Adults"