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The mission of the Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality is directed toward all faculty and staff to provide opportunities for them to cultivate their spiritual life and learn about the richness of Ignatian Spirituality and the spiritual journey. Our mission is rooted in the desire to support each faculty and staff’s distinctive search and relationship with the Holy. From a stance of deep listening, they are given the opportunity to discuss the joys and challenges of life, reflect upon where they are in their spiritual journey, integrate their spirituality in an academic setting, ponder any decisions they face, or explore life’s transcendent questions like identity, meaning, purpose, vocation, legacy, and the promotion of justice. This desire flows from our understanding of Ignatian Spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises, which call us to appreciate and be attentive to God’s movement found personally in each of us. In an ecumenical and interfaith manner, we accomplish this mission by (1) inviting faculty and staff to develop their spiritual life through the Spiritual Exercises, other retreats, faith-sharing groups, spiritual conversations, and times of prayer, and (2) sharing with them the wisdom of Ignatian Spirituality and the spiritual life through lectures, seminars, workshops, and book discussions. We work in collaboration with the Office of Mission & Ministry, Campus Ministry, and Manresa for Faculty to further our mission and the mission of Marquette University.



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Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

The exercises are a pathway to recognizing God's activity in our deepest desires and growing in unity with God. Emerging from the experience of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, the Exercises provide a structured opportunity to mature in spiritual freedom and make choices that are responsive to God's call in one's life.