In Publications

If you use Raj in the course of your research, please acknowledge our sponsors for providing funding for Raj. A sample paragraph for including is:

This research was funded in part by the National Science foundation award CNS-1828649 "MRI: Acquisition of iMARC: High Performance Computing for STEM Research and Education in Southeast Wisconsin" 

In Grants 

The following description of Raj may be useful for inclusion in grant proposals:

Marquette University maintains a campuswide HPC compute resource, Raj. Raj is a 7808 core AMD EPYC Rome based system with 48 NVIDIA Tesla v100 GPU accelerators. Compute nodes have a range of 512 GB to 2 TB of RAM, and access 24 of NVIDIA Tesla v100 GPUs. Additionally, Raj has purpose built AI nodes consisting of Intel Cascade Lake CPUs and eight NVIDIA Tesla v100 GPUs each which utilize the NVLink high speed GPU interconnect. Raj also has 1.2 PB of HDD storage and 123 TB all flash NVMe SSD storage utilizing IBM's Spectrum Scale GPFS. Raj is managed by two FTEs in central IT Services and overseen by a Research Computing Task Force consisting of faculty and IT representatives.