Whether you are completely unfamiliar with command line interface (CLI) or a Linux expert looking for Raj specific guidance, these resources are for you. 

The Basics

If you are new to Linux and the Linux CLI, you can learn more about it from our Introduction to the Linux CLI. If you are looking to jump right in, check out the Raj User's Guide. Finally, if you are moving your work over from Pére or you are coming from another institution which used the PBS job scheduler, you can reference our guide for Converting PBS to Slurm.

More Advanced Guides

If you regularly use Python for scientific computing, you may have a specific set of packages you need to accomplish your research. Though our Python modules come installed with some basic packages like numpy and scipy, you may want to read our guide for creating Python Virtual Environments to customize your python experience on Raj.

If you have gone through the Intro to the Linux CLI guide and are looking for some additional tips and tricks for a smoother Linux experience, this guide is for you. It will introduce you to concepts like environment variables, wildcards and bash scripting basics. If these concepts interest you, see our guide for Tips and Tricks for the Novice Bash User.

Do you load the same four modules every time you log in? Did you create a Python environment and want it loaded immediately upon logging in? Or maybe you want to add a directory with some custom compiled code to your PATH. If so, familiarize yourself with .bashrc using our Quick Guide to .bashrc.