Raj User's Guide

This guide is intended to help new and existing Raj users on the basics of connecting to, interacting with and doing work on, Raj. To use this guide, click the link to the topic of interest below, or go through the entire guide start by clicking the first topic "The Legacy of Raj" Then navigate the guide using the links at the bottom of each page.

 Rajendra Rathore

The Legacy of Raj

A history into how the cluster was funded and why we named it Raj.

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Important Notes On Cluster Use

A few quick, but important, notes on running workloads on the cluster and protecting your data.


System Architecture

A detailed dive into the specification of the systems that make up Raj and how they are connected.

SSH Terminal

Accessing Raj

Whether you are a Windows, Mac or Linux user, this sections teaches you how to log into Raj. Also learn how to monitor the cluster and your jobs with a web browser using the Bright Cluster Manager User Portal.

Multicolored Gears

Using Environment Modules

Learn how to load and use modules to gain access to the software you need to do research.

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Running Jobs on Raj with Slurm

The Slurm Workload Manager is the job scheduler which facilitates multiple users all running large jobs on a single cluster, without stepping on each others toes. This section covers the basics of getting started with using Slurm to run jobs on Raj.


Additional odds and ends to gain a deeper understanding of how the cluster functions