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Graduate Publications

Ph.D. Students at Marquette have written dissertations on a wide variety of topics in American and European history. Many are revised into books–here are a few of the recent dissertations turned into books: 

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Graduate Dissertations

Recently Completed Dissertations

  • Peter Borg: Milwaukee's White Urban Churches during the Age of Surburbanization, (2020). Directed by Dr. James Marten
  • Cory Haala: Midwestern Liberalism in the Age of Reagan, 1978-92 (2020). Directed by Dr. Steven Avella.
  • Gayle Kiszely: “The Age Demands It”: Progressivism in Zion City, Illinois, A Conservative Protestant Theocracy, (2018). Directed by Dr. James Marten.
  • Michael Pulido: Transmitting Revolution: Radio, Rumor, and the 1953 East German Uprising, (2017). Directed by Dr. Julius Ruff and Dr. Peter Staudenmaier.
  • Aaron Hyams: Long Journeys to a Middle Ground: Indians, Catholics, and the Origins of a New Deal in Montana and Idaho, 1855-1945 (2016). Directed by Dr. Steven Avella.
  • Matthew Costello: "The Property of the Nation": Democracy and the Memory of George Washington, 1799-1865 (2016). Directed by Dr. Kristen Foster.
  • Karalee Surface: In Harm's Way: Wisconsin Workers and Disability from the Gilded Age to the Great Depression, (2015). Directed by Dr. Thomas Jablonsky.
  • Bethany Harding: “Breaking Up, and Moving Westward”: The Search for Identity in Post-Colonial America, 1787-1828, (2015). Directed by Dr. Kristen Foster.
  • McKayla Sutton: "Illuminating the Irish Free State: Nationalism, National Identity, and the Promotion of the Shannon Hydroelectric Scheme", (2014). Directed by Dr. Timothy McMahon.
  • Jeffrey Ramsey: Big Man on Campus: Reaction and Resistance to Title IX in the Big Ten Conference, (2014). Directed by Dr. Thomas Jablonsky.
  • Timothy Lay: “By Jingo”: the Manifestation of Militarism as a British Cultural Phenomena, 1878-1902, (2014). Directed by Dr. Timothy McMahon.
  • Charissa Keup: Girls in “Trouble”: A History of Female Adolescent Sexuality in the Midwest, 1946-1964, (2013). Directed by Dr. Thomas Jablonsky.
  • Dominic Faraone: Urban Rifts and Religious Reciprocity: Chicago and the Catholic Church, 1965-1996, (2013). Directed by Dr. Steven Avella.

Dissertations in Progress

Dissertator: Abigail Bernhardt
Dissertation Title: "On Sides: Reading Irish National Identities Through Soccer, 1920-1998"
Advisor: Timothy McMahon 

Dissertator:  Alissa Condon
Dissertation Title: "'Equal Citizens in a Free State?' Irish Veterans of World War I"
Advisor: Timothy McMahon

Dissertator: Matthew Douglas
Dissertation Title: "The Huguenot Experience: Gender, Violence, and the Courts in Nîmes, 1685-1788"
Advisor: Julius Ruff

Dissertator: William Fliss
Dissertation Title: "I'm Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore: The Public Career of Virgil Blum, SJ"
Advisor: Steven Avella

Dissertator: Sam Harshner
Dissertation Title: "Pope's Day and Masculinity: An Ideology of the American Revolution"
Advisor: A. Kristen Foster

Dissertator: Lisa Lamson
Dissertation Title: "'A Great Good May Proceed from the Education of These Poor Colored Girls': Black Girlhood and Schooling in Baltimore City, 1820-1900"
Advisor: James Marten

Dissertator: Ben Nestor
Dissertation Title: “Einsatzgruppe C in the District Galicia: Ideology, Situational Violence and Mass Murder”
Advisor: Peter Staudenmaier

Dissertator: Margaret Nettesheim Hoffmann

Dissertation Title: "Generous Citizens of Wealth: Capitalism and Private Philanthropy in Milwaukee c. 1861-1930"
Advisor: Alison Efford

Dissertator: Olga Shchennikova
Dissertation Title: "Soviet Environmentalism: The Moral Revolt of the Intelligentsia, 1964-91"
Advisor: Alan Ball

Dissertator: Kevin Wienke
Dissertation Title:  “
The Dog Question: Race, Class, and Canines in the Nineteenth-Century United States”
Alison Efford