Internships in History

Students with a major or minor in History are able to participate in internships in local historical societies, museums, archives, and even on Marquette’s campus.

Internship Benefits/Credits

Although specific duties and experiences will vary, all internships will provide a professional experience that will not only help students discern their interest in working in a history-related field, but also build skills valuable in any career. Internships help enhance the credentials and skillsets of students interested in graduate school, law school, or information sciences; social media and digital technology; marketing; museum administration or exhibit design; and writing and editing. Most internships can be taken for credit or non-credit. Three-credit internships require a minimum of ten hours of work per week. 

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Available Internships in History

The History Department has formed off- and on-campus partnerships to provide professional experiences for History majors and minors with the following institutions and departments. Some internships are paid; most can be taken for credit. Not all internships are available every semester. Interested students should contact J. Patrick Mullins, Ph.D., Public History Director, at

Paid internships are sponsored by the Center for Urban Research, Teaching, and Outreach and by the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation.

History Department Internships

We also offer internships in the History Department conducting independent research projects and in digital humanities and social media. To qualify for an internship in the History Department, you must be:

  • A declared major or minor in History in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences
  • A junior at the time of the internship.
  • In good academic standing according to MU policies.
  • Able to articulate your reasons for taking an internship.
  • Acceptable to the site supervisor.

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