For Parents

When students begin school at Marquette, they are often managing their own healthcare for the first time. You, as a parent, can provide valuable information and guidance to your son or daughter to ensure that (s)he takes the right steps to stay healthy.

Before your son or daughter comes to Marquette

  • Be sure your student completes the Immunization & Tuberculosis Screening Forms online. These forms can be accessed by logging into CheckMarq and selecting the Next Step link. All newly admitted or re-admitted students are required to submit these forms. It is important for your son or daughter to submit these forms as soon as possible, because students who fail to return them within 30 days of the start of their first semester at Marquette will have a hold placed on their registration, which could prevent them from registering for future classes.
  • If your student will be covered under a family health insurance plan, make sure that (s)he brings a copy of the insurance card to campus, in case (s)he needs to seek specialty services or afterhours care in the community.
  • Learn about available clinical services at the Marquette University Medical Clinic, as well as other campus resources (located under Quick Links) at Marquette. If campus resources do not address your son or daughter’s needs, please view our list of after hours care or call the Marquette University Medical Clinic at (414) 288-7184. The MU Medical Clinic has many referral lists to help locate a specialist in the Milwaukee area.
     *Note: if your son or daughter will need to be under the care of a specialist off-campus, please verify that the specialist is covered by your insurance provider, prior to the start of school.
  • Although the Marquette University Medical Clinic does offer pharmacy services, we are unable to fill prescriptions written by outside providers. Therefore, if your son or daughter currently uses prescription medication, be sure to purchase a large-enough supply to get him/her through until his/her next visit home; or, locate a pharmacy near Marquette where the prescription can be filled. 

While your son or daughter is at Marquette, you should know that:

  • The Marquette University Medical Clinic is very similar to the primary care clinic that you are accustomed to at home. We operate on an appointment-based system, same day appointments are available for acute and urgent care.
  • Full-time Marquette undergraduate students are assessed a student health fee, each semester, as part of their tuition and fees. This entitles students to unlimited visits to the Marquette University Medical Clinic. Graduate, professional and part-time undergraduate students may access health services on a fee-for-service basis or pay the per-semester health fee at the Marquette University Medical Clinic anytime during the semester.
  • Students who need after-hours or emergency care have many accessible facilities near the Marquette campus. Students are responsible for payment for services obtained at these facilities.
  • The Marquette University Medical Clinic is restricted from releasing patient information to third parties under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Therefore, patient health information (dates of visit, diagnoses, billing, etc) is confidential and cannot be released to a third party – including parents – without patient authorization. Patients who would like to authorize a third party to receive oral information about their visit to the Marquette University Medical Clinic or receive paper copies of their medical records must sign either a Release of Medical Information or Release of Medical Records form.