Quarantine Guidelines

Quarantine Guidelines 


 Close contact includes:

  • You were less than 6 feet for greater than 10 minutes with or without a mask
  • You provided care at home to an individual diagnosed with Covid-19
  • You had direct physical contact with an individual with Covid-19 (hugged, touched, kissed) 
  • You shared eating/drinking utensil with an individual with Covid-19
  • You were exposed to sneezing, coughing or other respiratory droplets of an individual who has COVID-19

What to do if you are exposed to COVID-19 OR test positive.

The university advises anyone, regardless of vaccination status, who experiences symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home, self-isolate and get tested. Students should contact the Marquette University Medical Clinic COVID Help Line at 414-288-7184 to make an appointment for testing. Additional testing information is available on the City of Milwaukee Health Department website

The below quarantine and isolation directions are in alignment with the latest CDC guidance.


For ALL members of the campus community (students, faculty and staff): 

  • If you test positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, you must isolate. The standard isolation period is 10 days. The isolation period can be shortened to five days if you are asymptomatic or your symptoms are improving, and you do not have a fever for 24 hours.  If you meet these criteria, you can return to campus on day six or later.  Wear a well-fitted mask when around others through day 10. (Note: Your first day of symptoms is day “zero.”) Please also adhere to the following guidance: 
  • If you had moderate illness (shortness of breath or trouble breathing) or severe illness (you were hospitalized), or you are immunocompromised, you should isolate through day 10.  
  • If you ended isolation but your COVID-19 symptoms recur or worsen, you should restart your isolation from day zero. 

STUDENTS: Information on isolation spaces is provided by the university. If you are taking in-person classes, please contact your instructors to arrange alternate assignments, if possible, during this isolation period. Please note the attendance policy guidance. You can attend medical appointments and food service to get a grab and go meal while wearing a well-fitting mask. 


Regardless of vaccination status, if you have been a close contact of someone with COVID-19: 

  •  Wear a well-fitted mask around others for 10 days. Monitor for symptoms. If you become symptomatic, self-isolate and get tested. 
  • It is recommended you test at least five days after exposure even if you do not have symptoms. Avoid travel, eating around others, being around those who are high-risk and places where you are unable to wear a mask.  
  • In alignment with the CDC’s latest guidance, individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 are no longer required to quarantine, regardless of vaccination status.  
  • If an individual cannot wear a mask for any reason, then they should quarantine for the full 10 days. 
Additional Information 

Should you become symptomatic or test positive in the future, please complete the voluntary disclosure form and upload proof of positive test to allow Marquette to more accurately trace cases and ensure that you are receiving services. 

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