Travel Clinic

Traveling to foreign destinations can present health hazards. Those hazards may be unique to the destination or common to most. An Individual's health history may also impact the risk of foreign travel.

The Marquette University Medical Clinic Travel Clinic provides travel health services to students, faculty and staff who are planning on foreign travel. 

Personal counseling is required to develop your travel plan of care and allow us to make appropriate recommendations. If possible, schedule your travel counseling session at least six weeks before your departure to allow enough time for immunizations to be given and immunity to develop. 

To determine which immunizations you need, call (414) 288-7184 to make an appointment for a travel consultation. Be sure to bring routine immunization information to your consultation. No special immunizations are needed for travel in Western Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, but your routine immunizations need to be current.

Travel Consultation

  • What does a travel consultation provide?
  • What to do ahead of time?
  • What is the cost?
  • Immunizations & Medications
    Review which immunizations and medications are indicated for your trip.
  • Country Specific Information
    Updated on the latest travel alerts and conditions information.
  • Food/Water Precautions
    Learn which food and beverages to avoid and what is safe to consume while traveling, as well as what medications to bring in case of sickness.
  • Insect Precautions
    Learn how to prevent insect bites which can cause illnesses.
  • Pre-travel Preparation & After Arrival
    Get tips on safe travel, as well as what items to bring along and other special considerations.

Appointments should be scheduled well in advance (at least six weeks) of the travel departure date to help ensure that you receive vaccinations and antimalarial medication enough in advance to provide adequate protection.

  • Bring a record of prior immunizations to the initial appointment.
  • For Students: Please complete the online Travel Portal Form located in the MU patient portal.
  • For Faculty and Staff: Bring a completed Travel Clinic Form to your initial consultation.

Charges* assessed include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel consultation fee: $35.00
  • Travel immunizations/medications given at MU Medical Clinic.

Please be prepared to pay for any charges incurred at the time of the visit. MU Medical Clinic does not bill insurance for travel visits or travel vaccines. Current prices for services, appointments, or additional information may be obtained by calling (414) 288-7184.

*Prices are subject to change.


Additional Services

If you need a form signed for a “statement of good health” for a VISA or a study abroad requirement, you will need a separate appointment for a physical and there will be an additional charge. If you have had a recent physical at your doctor’s office at home, it may be possible to have the form signed by your provider.

Groups traveling abroad on behalf of Marquette-sponsored programs can also request group presentations for preventive health advice that pertain to those destinations. For more information, call (414) 288-7184.

The Marquette University Medical Clinic offers evaluations for the returned traveler who has fever, diarrhea, or any new illness.