Commitment to Participating Faculty

Marquette is a community of openness, honesty and respect. Through meaningful dialogue, shared governance and a commitment to living out our Catholic, Jesuit mission in all that we do, we continue to work towards our common goal of providing a transformational education for every Marquette student.

Critical to achieving that goal are the many valued contributions of our faculty, who are the lifeblood of the Marquette experience. To better understand the experience of Marquette’s full- and part-time participating (non-tenure track) faculty, in June 2019, then Acting Provost Kimo Ah Yun convened a Participating Faculty Task Force to study the participating faculty experience and make recommendations to improve that experience based on their findings.

Based on the information they were able to collect and review, the Task Force made recommendations for improving the participating faculty experience at Marquette, which were categorized into the following five themes: (1) Contract Terms, (2) Compensation and Total Rewards, (3) Performance Evaluation and Promotion, (4) Professional Development, and (5) Recognition and Inclusion. More information about the 22 recommendations from the Task Force and their outcomes can be found here.

Following the completion of the Task Force’s initial 22 recommendations, Provost Ah Yun has transitioned the Task Force to a standing committee. The Participating Faculty Committee addresses issues of importance to members of the Marquette faculty, full and part-time, hired on a participating or non-tenure track line. The committee will focus on how to improve the “lived experience” of participating faculty and address issues that include, but are not limited to, total rewards (including compensation and benefits), professional development, recognition, inclusion, and performance review and promotion.  

Full or part-time participating faculty members who have been employed for two-and-a-half or more continuous years are invited to apply for one of five participating faculty member positions. Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in the work of the committee and willingness and ability to serve a two-year term. 

Interested faculty should complete this application form and submit it to Dr. Gary Meyer, senior vice provost for faculty affairs, at